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BA Cóctel: A Weeklong Celebration Of Buenos Aires’ Best Cocktails Is Back

By | [email protected] | May 10, 2016 5:35pm


Drop your pints of craft beer, forget all that wine vocabulary you’ve been struggling to learn and stop pouring orange juice into your Campari… It’s time for (grade A) cocktails. Buenos Aires’ top bars are preparing to blow you away with some of the most original libations for an entire week. BA Cóctel, the booze version of Restaurant Week, is back starting May 15th and wrapping up May 21th.

Never heard of it? Time to catching up then. Bars all over town are creating a special drinks menu offering some deliciously creative cocktails at (more) affordable prices. Why? Because there may well be life after Fernet y Coca and it’s time to start exploring it

Okay, there’s more to the story than that. Did you know Buenos Aires has a long cocktail tradition? Right, immigration wasn’t only responsible for the widely held devotion to pizza in the country, but also for introducing a large variety of foreign spirits (the fun not scary kind). By organizing this cocktail driven event, BA Cóctel also aims to share the story of the city’s bartending pioneers, and to help spread the culture of cocktails.

Over 40 bars will be  joining in on the fun throughout the whole city: 878 in Villa Crespo, Floreria Atlantico in Retiro, Café Rivas in San Telmo… So no excuses, find the closest one, dress smart and go try some creative drinks. Workshops, talks and recommended routes will also be held all over the week and The Bubble is here to guide you through the entire program.

BA Cóctel Routes:


For the second edition of BA Cóctel Week, several suggested routes have been conceived and promoted by grouping bars around one common theme. The “Latin America in your glass” is one that caught our attention as rum, pisco and tequila create the perfect synergy to upgrade your usual previa. This route will take you through three of Palermo’s most popular bars: Soria, Rey de Copas and Mundo Bizarro.

For those looking for something a bit more romantic – the “A little French Love” route seems like the perfect alternative. Get the most out of Recoleta’s charm factor while sipping on something sophisticated. Begin your evening exploration at Prado y Neptuno, then move on to Palacio Duhau’s Oak Bar. Pay a visit to the Pony Line Bar before and head to Singapur for an intimate closure of the evening.

Workshops, Talks and more:

  • Cocktail Making at BASA: Take an introductory class into the world of cocktail making with Barman Ludovico de Biaggi, head of BASA – one of the country’s most prestigious bars. May 16 7:00 PM – AR$ 120
  • Bloody Mary Workshop: Think it’s hard to find a decent Bloody Mary in Buenos Aires? Then this Workshop held in Puerta Uno is meant for you. May 17 5:30 PM – AR$ 120
  • Cocktails & Burgers: For one evening only cocktails and burgers coexist in perfect harmony at Deltoro Burgers as Bartender Fede Cuco prepares a special drink to be paired with the house’s burger of the night: pork, rum and spices. – May 18 7:00PM – Free entrance
  • The Drunken Goat: Coffee meets Cocktails at Lab‘s headquarters. Baristas and Bartenders join forces to create the most original coffee based combinations. May 19 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

To get the entire events listing, visit BA Cóctel’s official website.


Every participating bar will be offering 3 to 6 specially priced cocktails during the entire week. Here are some creative combinations that we will can’t wait to get down our gullets:



  • Capricornio – Anasagasti, AR$ 85: This cocktail will take you back to your summer holidays for a little while at least. Pisco meets cherry brandy in a fresh combination of lime and mango juice, topped with a little ginger extract.
  • Caipi de Mandarinas & Lavanda – Brandon, AR$ 76: What’s better than downing a few fresh caipis? Nothing. Brandon is opting for caipiroska – the vodka based sister of the cachaça based caipirinha. These lime muted dreams are topped with mandarines and a few drops of lavender syrup. Swoon.
  • Espresso White Russian – Casa Cavia, AR$ 110: Dairy milk is overrated and Casa Cavia knows it. Their White Russian has an almond milk base. A powerful shot of espresso gives this classic cocktail an extra boost of flavor.
  • Gimlet de la Huerta – Gran Bar Danzón, AR$ 100: If you’re looking for a healthier, lighter option, this is your drink. The mix of Gin and Lime juice is only sweetened up by a couple drops of natural syrup. The drink is served with a slice of cucumber and a few basil leaves.

The entire Cocktails list is available on BA Coctel’s official website. Now that you know, you’ve got no excuse. Suit up and try at least one of these delicious bad boys.