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On Monday, Celebrate the 125th Anniversary of Avenida de Mayo

On July 8th, festivities will be taking place all day.

By | [email protected] | July 6, 2019 9:00am

featureimageavenidaCourtesy of Prensa Museos GCBA
This Monday, July 8th, Avenida de Mayo is hosting its own special party. In honor of its 125th anniversary celebration, the city is planning a huge festival filled with music, cultural activities, tours, and more all along the historic avenue in the middle of Buenos Aires.
But before we dive into the jam-packed agenda, let’s review some history. Avenida de Mayo was the first proper avenue in Argentina – and all of South America – serving as the primary thoroughfare as well as the cultural, social, and political center of the city. Inspired by the boulevards of Paris, there is a strong Spanish influence as well, with traditional theaters, cafés, and other shops opened by the community which lends a certain air of Madrid’s Gran Vía. It remains one of the perfect places to view art nouveau, neoclassical, and other eclectic architectural styles in Buenos Aires.
In 1997, Avenida de Mayo was declared to be a Lugar Histórico Nacional, meaning that the facades of its buildings cannot be altered, nor include certain billboard ads or awnings. Any modification made to structures along the avenue must be approved by the National Commission of Historic Monuments, Places, and Assets.
Start partying in the basement at 1 PM, when the festivities kick off with a tour of the “Bajos del Barolo,” where you can visit the underground levels of the Palacio Barolo. While these areas are typically closed off to the public, they’ve been recently conditioned to be open to visitors. You can also sign up for a guided tour of the Casa de la Cultura—a historic building that originally headquartered the newspaper La Prensa—at 3 PM, 4 PM, or 5 PM. And for your last historic space on display, check out the hotel room that famous Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca stayed in during his time in Buenos Aires.

Courtesy of Prensa Museos GCBA

The climax of the day will come at 3 PM with a big theatrical tour will lead you down the avenue, with acting, singing and dancing displays along the way. Everything will kick off at start of the avenue at the corner of Viceroy Cevallos, between Rivadavia and H. Yrigoyen. Performances throughout will highlight the avenue’s rich history and cultural significance; after all, Av. de Mayo does connect the Plaza de Mayo and the Plaza del Congreso, two of the most important in Argentina’s sociopolitical history.
For some ~visual stimulation~ highlights will include an antique car exhibition in front of Congreso, and a photography exhibit with the works of high school students at the Fundación Cassará.

Courtesy of Prensa Museos GCBA

And now, for la música! At 8 PM at the Palacio Barolo, pianist Martha Noguera will perform a classical music concert of Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, and Ginastera.  Three Bares Notables will offer free performances: starting at 6 PM, a trio called Tres Latin Jazz will take the stage with some African-American, Centroamerican, and Rioplatanese beats at iconic watering hole 36 Billares.  Next up: at 7 PM at Hotel Castelar, singer Magdalena León will perform tango and offer bolero and Latin American folklore music. Finally, at Iberia, the group Puerto Alisio will host a traditional flamenco recital with classic Argentine music.
We know that Argentina has its own birthday on Tuesday, but let’s not forget about celebrating Avenida de Mayo on Monday, right? We needed a reason for that bonus feriado.