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Articles by Thomas Freeman

For those of you who were drinking fernet, aka the Devil’s spirit, this Easter Weekend, look at what you’re doing to this city…

This past weekend, complaints against boliches and bars rose 21% from last year, according to the daily

Considering the wildfire success of Relatos Salvajes, it would seem Argentines have a knack for thrillers with a sardonic edge.

In theaters now, the serpentine thriller Tuya tells the story of a middle-aged woman, Ines, who discovers a secret …

Argentina… the name alone conjures imagery of amorous affairs and horseback gallants. While tango may be its most obvious export, there are notable sensorial pleasures to be found in its wines as well – specifically, in Mendoza’s famed Malbecs.


Buenos Aires is typically quite hip to global food trends, but many here are often perplexed by the lack of a substantial food truck scene.

At present, food trucks are banned from operating in public spaces to the exception of …

Not getting your veggies in? Well, now you have no excuse!

The new app BA Ferias allows users to parse prices and hours of fairs and markets across the city.

The app, launched by the Government of the City of …

Beyond the lure of its late-night boliches and trendsetting cafes, Buenos Aires is really at its heart, a city for intellectuals.

Buenos Aires houses more bookstores per capita than any city in the world, according to the World Cities

For hapless lovers of Brazilian culture that have somehow found themselves in Buenos Aires, salvation comes in the form of today’s 10th annual Festival de Bossa Nova en Buenos Aires!

From today, Friday, February 27, until Sunday, March 1

What do Argentines share with the Lebanese besides for Francophilia and nonpareil meat consumption?

High levels of political dread, the Pew reports.

In a study of developing nations, Latin American countries were found to have the second-highest levels of


The boys who made our teenage dreams come true in the late 90s/early 2000s will be in Buenos Aires June 17 near the end of their In A World Like This Tour.

The show will take place at …

Calling all hipsters! This Thursday, November 6th is Buenos Aires´ sixth annual “Night of the Record Stores” or La Noche de las Disquerías for those too cool for translations.

If you happen to find any time free between dusting vinyls …