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Articles by Stephanie D'Agostini

In an effort to modernize the City of Buenos Aires and appease angry neighbors, legislators and planners have proposed to move boliches, or nightclubs, within the city to a designated area in the Costanera Norte (the coastal northern zone 

Another strike against inflated supermaket prices is set to take place tomorrow, Tuesday, and is spreading online under the already established #SuperVacíos (#EmptySupermarkets) hashtag. Consumers and unions alike are fed up with the rising prices of big chain supermarkets, and …

Here we go again… Taxi drivers are taking to the streets (again) today at 11 AM to protest Uber (again) and will be picketing at 10 key intersections throughout the City of Buenos Aires. But fear not: taxi unions have

Today marks the first day that paper Subte passes will no longer be accepted across the city’s Subte stations. In an effort to make the City of Buenos Aires’ public transportation more modern and ecologically efficient, the City’s Transportation Ministry

The public heckling of key Victory Front (FpV) politician Carlos Zannini has sparked national conversation about escraches — a word that has no real English translation but its verb form, escrachar, means to negatively expose or publicly accuse someone

April 22nd marks every tree-hugging, dirt-loving hippie’s favorite day of the year — Earth Day! Only this year, the day marks way more than just another excuse for your college roommate to get high at 4:20 while watching Al Gore’s

The Lower House’s Justicialist caucus — the group of legislators who famously broke away from the Victory Front (FpV) caucus in February, in so doing earning the FpV’s eternal contempt — announced plans to release an unemployment index in the

In an ongoing effort to crack down on manteros, or street vendors who sell goods on blankets and makeshift stalls along the city’s busiest avenues, the metropolitan and federal police worked together this morning to raid Avellaneda Avenue in the

Under the hashtag #SuperVacíos (#EmptySupermarkets), unions and politicians have called for a nationwide strike against big supermarket chains in order to call attention to the exorbitant rise in consumer good prices.

The initiative is spearheaded by the Argentine Workers’ Central

Security Minister Patricia Bullrich is a tough cookie in camouflage, sending a not-so-friendly reminder to South American narcos that the Macri administration is not taking drug trafficking lightly and intends on investing in technology to fight the scourge “with more