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Articles by Nelson Ruseler-Smith

As Argentines (or those pretending to be Argentines), we need beer for patriotic occasions. Sometimes a foreign beer simply won’t do. A soccer game, celebrating independence on July 9th. You need a cerveza that doesn’t clash with the albiceleste

Reddit, the website that brands itself “The Front Page of the Internet,” inhabited by niche enthusiasts of everything from video games to politics to math, is now the 21st most visited website in the world, with over 542 million

If you’ve ever ridden the Buenos Aires Subte, then it’s likely that you have come in contact with one of the underground’s many vendedores ambulantes, or traveling salespeople, who work it. Whether you’ve ignored the tissues they’ve left

There are many things about Argentina that can be puzzling to a foreigner. Why is this Uber driver telling me to sit in the front and refer to him as primo? Why are these old men shirtless when they’re …

If you love to think of yourself as young and cool, but also enjoy subtly telling all of your friends that you are far more cultured and intelligent than they are, then I’m sure you’re no stranger to live jazz

Last week, something changed at the start of the 2019 Women’s World Cup. The Argentine women’s national team tied with Japan, the reigning sub-champion of the tournament. The team followed up this result with a very respectable 1-0 loss

Here at The Bubble we love all of Buenos Aires’ classic tourist neighborhoods, like San Telmo, Recoleta and the many Palermos, but there is so much more to see around the city apart from these iconic barrios.