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Articles by Lena Novins-Montague

Over the course of my four month-long study abroad stint in Buenos Aires, I have attempted to immerse myself in the local culture. I have boliche’d and mate’d and medialuna’ed the lights out. However, one vital cultural aspect has eluded

Google translate will tell you that boliche means bowling in Spanish, but in Argentina, this word takes on a whole new meaning. Boliche is Argentine for nightclub, also known as the pieces that come together to form Buenos Aires’s reputation

Jewish food is having a moment. Whether it’s Zahav in Philadelphia, Mazel Tov in Budapest, or Federal Delicatessen in Auckland, the cuisine of my people has become trendy on a global scale. Buenos Aires, hip city that it is,

Come one, come all to Hip Hop Cultura. No, seriously, everyone is welcome. For three years now, the Centro Cultural Recoleta has dedicated Saturday afternoons to the education and celebration of hip hop and its tangentially-related art forms. You’ll

What’s your belief system of choice? Horoscopes, multiple gods and goddesses, one god, luck, karma, nihilism, science? All of the above? None of the above? No matter the answer, you’re likely to find some like-minded people at Yo Creo,

To walk into La Grande, a musical spectacle held every Tuesday night in the heart of Palermo Viejo, is to walk into the beating heart of hipster Buenos Aires. Young, bearded porteños spill out of the theatre into

One million people from all over the world recently voted on the most jaw-dropping natural wonders of Argentina. This was an effort spearheaded by the New7Wonders of the World Foundation, which released the first New Seven Natural Wonders of

The 28th edition of arteBA 2019, Argentina’s flagship contemporary arts fair, officially opens this afternoon at La Rural expo center in Palermo, and there is more than ever to ogle and fantasize about purchasing. Renowned for curating some of the

Buenos Aires is currently gearing up for arteBA, the city’s annual contemporary art fair extravaganza. The event brings together over 400 artists from over 25 cities to exhibit some of the world’s most interesting contemporary art and is a

Happy hour, a time-honored tradition that brings people together to drink discounted alcohol and complain about their jobs, transcends geography and culture. What I mean by this: there is happy hour in Buenos AiresPorteños love to cap off