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Articles by Kevin Vaughn

Maurizio de Rosa greets everyone that walks into the restaurant with a big smile. The almost-familiar sounds of Italian sang across the dining room.  De Rosa and the rest of his small team of waitresses and cooks were so friendly

All it took was a photograph of the “Kentucky Fried Codorniz” to get me on a bus straight to San Telmo. A small quail breaded and deep fried and served with the talons in tact and slightly curled underneath the …

“We don’t have a menu,” the bartender says flatly. He grins at my confusion and then inquires with a curious tone, “What are you in the mood for?” It’s 8pm on a Friday evening and I’m seated at the basement

I only ate at Astor one time and it was magic. It was the summer of 2015 and I was showing up late to a party at the restaurant everyone had been talking about since it opened in 2013. It

Chacarita is not the neighborhood it used to be. Not too long ago, getting out at the Federico Lacroze subway station meant coming into contact with a slightly less frantic version of Plaza Once or Constitución. From the central escalator …

Back in 2001, restauranteurs Dario Muhafara and Quique Yafuso sat down to brainstorm ideas for a new restaurant in the then lackluster Palermo Hollywood neighborhood. Muhafara wanted to open a sushi bar. Yafuso, already the owner of Haiku in Bajo …

It’s 7:30 on a Saturday evening and a small gathering is beginning to form in this little Recoleta apartment. Everyone is eager to get their hands on one of the food packages that lines the wall and countertop. “I ordered

The sun was setting on a chilly Sunday night and there wasn’t a soul in sight the very first time I ventured into Floresta’s Korean neighborhood. It was the eve of a feriado and we should have known better. We

“This can’t be right,” I think to myself. It’s an early Monday afternoon and I’m in the middle of San Cristóbal walking aimlessly through uncharted territory. As soon as I had turned off of Avenida San Juan most signs of

In my small hometown in Central California there is a restaurant just off of the main drag called Wool Growers. It’s one of the oldest restaurants in town. My grandparents had their wedding reception there and I imagine the plastic