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Articles by Julian White Davis

You’ve been there before. We all have. You just left a boliche, bar, or friend’s house in wee hours, definitely a little tipsy from one too many birras or glasses of wine. You walked toward the nearest big avenue …

There are a lot of ways of trying to understand Once, the area located smack dab in the middle of Balvanera, home to one of the largest Jewish communities in Argentina and quite possibly the busiest commercial area in …

One of the very few sectors in Argentina that, amid a steep recession, is actually increasing its production, the government has a lot invested in Vaca Muerta.

Along with big oil companies, the Macri administration is chomping at the bit

Last week, the Argentine government approved a series of nationwide price increases throughout the public service sector, a move strongly suggested by the International Monetary Fund. They will raise the price of electricity by an average of 55 percent; gas

Throughout their political lives, Presidents Donald Trump and Mauricio Macri have publicly exchanged numerous compliments on Twitter, always referring to each other as “my friend.” However, a recent article by Axios shed light on a not-so-cordial side of their

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) published a report this week highlighting the flaws in looking at only monetary data to draw the poverty line. In other words, Unicef argues that poverty cannot only be measured by income

Ever since his irruption in politics, the erratic – to use only one adjective – behavior of US President Donald Trump has basically been writing the jokes of the main American talk shows. This weekend, Trump was in Buenos Aires …

As world leaders attending the G20 summit continue to arrive in Argentina, many of them prepare for the busy schedule that awaits them. Here is a gallery with the photos of those who have already arrived, and what Buenos Aires

The woman who taped a set of flares to her six-year-old’s stomach to sneak them into River Plate’s stadium, in the context of the failed Copa Libertadores final last Saturday, pleaded guilty in an abbreviated trial and accepted a two-year,

“It was a sad and frustrating weekend.”

With those words President Mauricio Macri described the violent episodes that led to the successive cancellation of the Copa Libertadores’ final between River and Boca this Saturday and Sunday.

“I’ve worked for many