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Articles by Jorge Farah

Making a movie that is not only centered around the experience of a kid, but also assumes that kid’s point of view, is really hard to pull off. Or at the very least, it’s hard to pull off without coming

It’s that time of year once again, loyal readers — the time of year when the line-up for next year’s Argentine Lollapalooza festival is finally announced well after all the early-bird tickets have come and gone, so you hastily scan

Here’s the thing about any kind of long-form audio-visual storytelling: it’s made up of many moving parts, any one of which could be the weak link that causes the entire structure to fall apart. Last time around, we talked about

Film is a medium of continuous engagement. As audience members, we are passively submitted to a two-hour experience that has been carefully crafted by the filmmakers. As such, we are in a constant state of evaluating and re-evaluating what we’re

Welcome, one and all, to another installment of The Bubble’s monthly artist retrospectives. Our goal here is to take a closer look at the trajectory of a band or solo artist, providing you with a more thorough understanding of

The popular belief seems to be that the advent of technology – specifically, the trifecta of cell phones, the Internet, and social media – has modified our daily lives to the point where it’s created a whole bevy of new

This is part two of a series about the influence of The Simpsons on Argentine pop culture. This last part focuses on the proliferation of Simpson memes that have become the go to resource when discussing anything from everyday issues

In this two-part series, The Bubble takes a look at the influence of The Simpsons on Argentine pop culture, from everyday catchphrases to the use of political memes that have come to define the age of social media. Part two

I love a good high school drama. Don’t get me wrong, I am mortally terrified of teenagers – I get about 10 percent more exercise than I otherwise would simply by strategically plotting out my daily commute so as to

Here’s the thing about the vastness of cinema: as much as it can bring us along in grand journeys of heroism, epic struggles, and fantastical worlds full of never-before-seen wonders, it can also be used to shine a light on