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Articles by Jorge Farah

I love a good high school drama. Don’t get me wrong, I am mortally terrified of teenagers – I get about 10 percent more exercise than I otherwise would simply by strategically plotting out my daily commute so as to

Here’s the thing about the vastness of cinema: as much as it can bring us along in grand journeys of heroism, epic struggles, and fantastical worlds full of never-before-seen wonders, it can also be used to shine a light on

Biopics are a strange beast. Yes, we all like having a behind-the-scenes look at real-life notable figures, but biopics can also make for wholly unsatisfying movie-watching experiences. Too often, filmmakers’ attempts at drawing a traditional three-act structure from the entirety

The Argentine rock scene is an intimidatingly vast maelstrom of sights, sounds, and history. You have meat-and-potatoes football-chant rockn’roll, you have technically dexterous prog-rock, you have vaguely New Age-y esotericism, you have confessional singer-songwritery stuff, you have a healthy amount

Have you ever found yourself rooting for a movie to be good, despite overwhelming evidence of the contrary? Have you ever found that, as an audience member, you are having an internal dialogue with the film you’re watching? And does

One of the absolute greatest things about cinema, and what makes it such a powerful storytelling medium, is its ability to dive us, the viewers, face-first into perspectives that may feel foreign , or that we simply fail to take

I have a pretty good constitution in terms of getting creeped out in the cinema. There’s very little that will actually skeeve me out. Horror films — particularly the supernatural or super-gory kind — are a walk in the park.

You feel it too, right? That ominous, claustrophobic, walls-closing-in-on-you sensation of utter dread? Like every time you look at the news, there’s a new horror waiting to be absorbed into your life with increasingly numb detachedness? Like there’s this big,

A woman lies across the floor of a small chapel. She convulses violently as she lets out a series of grunts and screams. Two men in religious garb stand directly above her; one of them holds a crucifix up to

How many times have you watched a movie where the plot revolved around…  well, making a movie? From Fellini’s 8 ½ to Spike Jonze’s Adaptation, it’s a storytelling trope to which filmmakers are constantly drawn. There are also hundreds