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Articles by Jorge Farah

Within film criticism, there is a school of thought that establishes the director as the maximum, most important vision within the creation of a movie; that is to say, a movie is the artistic representation of the director’s sensibilities, and

Argentina’s musical DNA includes the brokenhearted melancholy of tango, the fist-pumping rush of rock nacional, the frenetic swing of cuarteto, and the rhythms of various other autochthonous styles such as chacarera and chamamé. But amid all of these

Welcome, dear readers, to a new installment of our Guided Tour series, where we take a deep dive into the career of an artist from Argentina’s wide and diverse musical history. In the past, we’ve taken a look at people

Here’s the thing: Inflation is on the rise. The currency is taking a nosedive. There’s this unshakeable feeling of dread and uncertainty in the air, like we’re all stumbling around in the dark trying to figure our way out of

More than most cities, Buenos Aires hinges much of its personality and appeal on its enthusiastic celebration of the arts. From its festivals, activities, and shops to its thriving live music scene, the city is steeped in the arts,

Hi! Are you as excited for BAFICI 2019 as we are? If you’re anything like us, you’ve already set up an intricately planned schedule with movie times, locations, reviews, and strategically placed breaks for lunch and dinner. If you’re not

Welcome back, dear readers, to another one of our guided tours through the exciting world of Argentine music. We’re here to fill you in so you don’t look like a complete newbie when discussing this country’s vibrant music scene.

Living in Buenos Aires, there are a few things you can absolutely count on with the start of every new year: price hikes for public transportation, an increasingly prevalent feeling of dread, and the arrival of the Buenos Aires International

Have you ever felt like you wanted to get into a specific musician — a musician who has been around for a long time, influenced countless listeners, and essentially crafted an entire music genre in their own image — but

Summer in the city means cleavage, cleavage, cleavage,” sang Regina Spektor over a decade ago on her aptly titled tune “Summer in the City”, which may sound at first like a cheery celebration of the warmer months but