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Articles by Juliette Lyons

The Argentine government agreed to open its arms to 3000 Syrian refugees fleeing one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises to date. Despite concerns over the lack of financing and infrastructure, it looks like it is actually going …

“It feels incredible to be applauded. Veterans don’t often get applauded.”

— Marcello Vallejo

Out of something terrible, came something very beautiful. Minefield (Campo Minado) isn’t about the history and politics of Las Malvinas. It is about war. It …

Amidst the grey tones of one of the country’s largest and most important psychiatric hospitals lies an oasis of explosive color. Since 2002, Hospital José Tiburcio Borda (El Borda) in Buenos Aires’ Barracas neighborhood has dedicated an indoor and outdoor

So you are going on a date. You met a Facu, a Fede, a Flor, an Agus. Good for you! Way to werq werq werq it, you got your chamuyo on and it worked. Time for the date. Where

Besides netflix, the ArteBA fair and testing out our new Bible Palermo dating guide, here’s what you can do this weekend.

Friday 20th

*Heads up* There is a free performance at the Teatro Colón on Sunday morning for which

Thursday 19th May marks the start of the ArteBA contemporary art fair in Palermo’s La Rural — the most important of its kind in Latin America and one of the city’s most culturally important events. Over 80 galleries are participating …

Just going to leave this here before trying to talk you into updating your Tuesday night plans.

Once a Cuban member’s club, Buena Vista Social Club, situated in the Havana’s Marianao neighborhood, is now better known as the soundtrack to …

It’s been a long week. You’ve earned this.

Friday 13th

MUSIC: No better way to spend your Friday night than by listening to Pink Floyd under the starts at the Planetarium. It starts at 8PM but you need to get …

Argentina may be a country of immigrants, but it treats its own as strangers. The country has a population of nearly 44 million, an estimated 2.4 per cent of which self-identify as indigenous (of this, half are children). There are