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Articles by Ivana Lagos

BAIS (Buenos Aires International Students) confidently markets itself as ”the first exchange student organization in Argentina”. They are non-governmental organization that aims to promote social integration amongst foreign students in Buenos Aires, by organizing weekly activities, parties and trips to …

October is finally here and so is the new Netflix lineup. Between spring’s rainy days and windy nights, our faithful friend Netflix is once again, saving the day so we can all happily stay inside binging on content and carbohydrates.…

Officially known as Ciudad Cultural Konex, this cultural hotspot is one of the city’s most iconic and innovative spaces. This October, Konex will be celebrating ten years of being badass with a full lineup of events.

Started back in 2006 …

Hold the press! Spring seems to finally be creeping back to Buenos Aires. This is cause enough to celebrate, but on top of the weather getting better the city is also celebrating something big – El Jardin Botanico’s is turning 

Mauricio Tiberi an Argentine singer from the notoriously beautiful Cafayate. Growing up in a place where Folklore is everywhere, he now brings us on his own musical journey inspired by his latest record named Desentierro. His brand of folklore

September is finally here and it has a lot in store for us! Hotter days and cooler nights to say the least, and exciting news is that The Peacock Society Party is back! The mood for the night will be …

Hay Cata is a new concept brought to us by a group of friends wanting to put on a different kind of “tasting experience”. One where you don’t need to be a professionally certified sommelier or even know much about

La Cope is an Argentine publicist by day but prefers to describe herself as a writer and cartoonist. She’s a twenty something living in Buenos Aires and puts out her own brand of comedy centering around her reoccurring issues with

MESA, menús de estación con sabores de Argentina (seasonal menus with flavors of Argentina), is making environmental consciousness cool and delicious with their Buenos Aires based food week.

Food weeks are common in la ciudad de la

Fantastic news for Buenos Aires foodies, and by foodie I mean anyone that knows that most of life’s greatest pleasures come in the form of carbohydrates. Start September off right by checking out the first edition of Apetito Festival Gourmet