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Articles by Fernando Farías

On this edition of Bursting the News we talk about the changes in the income tax and end up as confused as everybody is about that conundrum. Because it’s a mess.

97-year Justice Carlos Fayt (picture), who is at odds …

On this edition:

-The role of State, Government, Public media and the cases of Spain and Argentina.

-Rush Limbaugh certainly didn’t hear about Argentina’s laws on gun control when he complains about Obama.

-Illegal textile workshop burns, two kids die. …

On this week’s Bursting:

-Maybe the last time we’re talking about the Nisman’s case. At least, about his accusation against president CFK, that was dismissed for the third and most likely last time by the Judiciary.

-The disastrous count of …

The Bubble writer Gonzalo Zegarra came to the studio to talk about his pieces on the massive corruption scandals that are hitting the administrations of Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff and Chile’s Michelle Bachelet.

This week on The Bubble Podcast:

  • We discuss Marcelo Tinelli’s potential as a political candidate and we are reminded of his humble beginnings in the early 90s. Host Fernando Farías appears to defend his artistic value.
  • Updated on the Nisman:

On this week’s edition of The Bubble Podcast:

  • On Cristina’s 15th Cadena Nacional in four months, she announces benefits for pensioners, heavily criticizes La Nación and hints about a potential return in 2019. Podcast host Fernando Farias is accused of

At the end of a zombie week (Bianca Fernet dixit) with only one real working day , we bring you the main stories, including the strike against the Income Tax which brought the country to a halt (and made it …

On our latest edition of Bursting the News, on The Bubble Podcast:

  • Alberto Nisman’s accusation against President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has been dismissed for a second time by a Federal Appeals Court.  Seems like it´s going nowhere.
  • The

On this edition of the Suds:  We welcome Argentina correspondent for The Economist Haley Cohen.

We talked about expectations about post-Cristina Argentina, the economy, foreign policy and Fernando’s super fancy alpargatas.

Hosted: Adrian Bono, Bianca Fernet and Fernando Farías…

On this edition of Bursting the News

The Radicales accord that boosted Macri’s chances of becoming Argentina’s next President (and we explain why that the Radicales are not Radicals).

The latest on the Nisman case, including a discussion about private …