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Articles by Fernando Farías

  • CFK was awarded by the UN but spoiled the moment by saying that poverty in the country is LESS than 5%…
  • Train crash in Temperley is called sabotage by Government officials
  • Sergio Massa has made up his mind and is

Panqueque: flip-flopping in Argentine politics.

To say Argentine politics are “complex” is already an understatement. But the one thing that has been making Argentina’s political landscape even more difficult to understand is the disappearance of political parties in the …

You are all familiar with youtuber Dustin Luke, who became famous in 2012 when he uploaded a clip imitating porteño accent…now, he has his own segment on prime time Argentine TV. And he came to our show to talk about …

On this week’s edition

  • The #NiUnaMenos march against femicides is joined by 800 thousand people in Buenos Aires alone…we discuss if this is a turning point in the fight against gender violence.
  • Jorge Lanata comes back to prime time TV

Sports journalists Sam Kelly (Hand of Pod podcast and ESPN ) and Dan Edwards (The Buenos Aires Herald) came to the studio to discuss the Argentine side of the global quilombo that exploded last week.

And it is a …

We discuss the May 25 celebrations headed by President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner that were…well, somewhat partisan.

  • May 25, as in the anniversary of Néstor Kirchner’s inauguration in 2003, right?
  • Another young girl was killed in BA province. Angry rioters

This week on Bursting the News:

  • A controversial ruling a two judges who reduced a child molester’s sentence because the abused boy “was already gay”.
  • The official opening of the Kirchner Cultural Center.
  • The pepper spraying scandal during the Boca

It’s an electoral year, and the presidential vote is just one of many appointments voters will have with the ballots. Like porteños, who are likely to exercise this mandatory right six times before the end of the year.

There are …

The brutal murder of Chiara, a 14-year pregnant girl in Santa Fé province, prompts women’s rights groups to summon what promises to be a massive rally against femicides: NiUnaMenos, on June 3.

The Superclasico shameful pepper-gas scandal.

Marcelo Tinelli returns …

On this edition: Veronica Lemi and Gabriel Castillo, activists from Acción Respeto, an NGO that campaigns for streets free of street harassment, that mainly affects women and is often portrayed as a part of culture and folklore that they are …