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Articles by Fernando Farías

On this week’s podcast:

Analysis of the very civilized (boring) presidential debate of last week.

Cristina delivers three cadenas nacionales in a week

Rob Crisp reports on political parties expenses

Bianca Fernet explains the new Argentine bonds

Sian Iles reports …

On this edition, we talk about the beginning of the electoral campaign ahead of the presidential vote of October 25.

The Scioli-less debate of this Sunday (and The Bubble Bingo game related to it)

The Argentine candidate to the Oscars …

Scioli is not taking part in a debate, that is now officially off. We analyze how this is an Argentine political tradition.

Bianca Fernet breaks it down for us: What’s the deal with the resolution on dollars and bonds?

Meaghan …

After a court nullified the elections in Tucumán, federal intervention is looking like a very real option.

New Labor leader gets praise from K camp for Malvinas dialogue stance

An earthquake was felt in Buenos Aires…but more importantly, Bianca Fernet …

Main stories of the week include:

UN resolution on vulture funds, Argentina leads in WhatsApp use, a debate on Cristina’s acting skills and more!

With: Adrian Bono, Bianca Fernet, Fernando Farías and Demian Bio.…

Some of the stories of the week include:
-CFK clashes with historian over analysis of WWII causes – The Bubble staff member Juan Brodersen puts in context.
-Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo announces recovery of 117 grandaughter.

-Malvinas war veterans

Stories included:

-Electoral chaos in Tucumán province

-Tévez makes comments about poverty in Formosa and becomes the target of K hatred.

-Blue dollar breaks 16-peso barrier.

And more!

Hosts: Fernando Farías, Demian Bio and Orlando Jenkinson

Guest:  and Sorcha O’Higgins…

Argentines mourn Daniel Rabinovich, arguably the funniest and most beloved member of comedy group Les Luthiers, who died at age 71.

Governor and presidential candidate Daniel Scioli asserts there is a foul campaign launched against him and CFK backs him …

Results, surprises, speculation…

Writer Gonzalo Zegarra joins hosts Adrian Bono, Fernando Farías and Demian Bio to discuss the political scenario after the Primarias Abiertas Simultáneas y Obligatorias (P.A.S.O.)…

The first presidential debate in the history of Argentina is confirmed. Kind of.

The 26-year daughter of the Defense Minister was appointed to the board of the Banco Nación. Controversy.

Vulture update with Bianca Fernet. Two steps forward, half step …