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Articles by Fernando Farías

Discussing reactions in AR to the attacks in Paris. Yes, the whole selective-grief thing is included.


At this decisive moment, we analyze the debate, and speculate about this Sunday’s vote (hey, at least we’re not charging for the speculation, like pollsters). Three actual voters tell us their reasons for voting Scioli, Macri or blank.

We do …

Main stories of the week, minus this Sunday’s presidential debate, because there’s a whole full episode about it.

With: Bianca Fernet, Adrian Bono, Fernando Farías and Demian Bio.…

We discuss what can we expect of the presidential debate between Macri and Scioli, one week before the run-off vote on November 22. And we plug the Bubble’s bingo-debate night at Magdalena’s Party, Palermo.

With: Bianca Fernet, Adrian Bono, Fernando …

Our very own economic experts Bianca Fernet and Colin Docherty analyze what’s known about candidates Mauricio Macri and Daniel Scioli’s plans for the economy. And near the end they tell us what they think should be the first measure any …

On this edition

-The fear campaign at full steam

-Six Million Dollar Man remake to be directed by Argentine

-Baby abandoned in gas station 45 MINUTES after being born

-Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo announced recovery of 118th Grandson

-Dollar …

We bring you this week a special 60-minute program with all things elections: the surprising results, the numbers and facts, the incredible win of María Eugenia Vidal in Buenos Aires province, the run-off on November 22, the role of Sergio …

This week’s stories include:

-Electoral campaigns close with big promises

-Spying accusations against the government just in time before the elections

-The subte’s masturbator

-Setback for vulture funds in European court?

And more!…

-The massive blackout in nothern neighborhoods.

-The campaign enters its last week.

-Most wanted fugitive and former spymaster Stiuso was kept from leaving the country, only to be let through, by the Government.

-Physicians extracted a toothpick from a man’s

The Bubble’s Adam Corl joined for this one, to talk about the death of Diana, a hero of the trans cause. We talk about accomplishments and debts of the fight for equality in Argentina.

Also, Lauren Siverly reports on the …