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Articles by Elke Wakefield

It was meant to be his TED talk moment.

Juan Manuel Urtubey, the ambitious governor of Argentina’s northern province of Salta, got up to describe the importance of a new electronic voting system. Microphone in hand, bengal-striped dress shirt-unbuttoned, he

Esther, 36, barely rests.

She wakes up at 6:30 AM and works all day looking after her three kids and doing chores around the house. Then, at around 4 PM, she catches a bus from Quilmes, in Buenos Aires Province, …

ROSARIO — The annual National Women’s Summit (ENM) and controversy go hand in hand.

Some 70,000 women attended the summit in the port-city of Rosario last weekend, yet the vast majority of Argentines only heard about one thing: the showdown …