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Articles by Elke Wakefield

Over the last couple of decades, Argentina’s economic growth, like many countries in Latin America, has depended in large part on the extraction and exportation of natural resources: soy, corn, gas, minerals and oil. The dollars brought in from the

For Macri, it’s all about getting closer to provincial governor and government golden girl, María Eugenia Vidal.

“Thanks to Horacio for inviting me to participate in this marvellous project which we are undertaking to be closer to María Eugenia. If

Tensions between some members of the Mapuche community and the Government in Chubut are intensifying, as local police forces clamp down on a Mapuche community occupying land owned by the Benetton group in the northwest of the province.

The land,

The girls are sitting around tables in a bright, white, air conditioned room, next to two hairdressers chairs’ and a television. Off to the side, there are lockers, atop of which sit a number of identically wigged mannequins. There’s a

How do you buy a 450 square meter house in lush San Isidro without having the funds to do so?

Magic? Alchemy? The Secret? Or just plain old illicit enrichment?

Another day, another public official charged with corruption. This time

Quick! Touch your left breast or your testicle. Cancel all wedding plans. Do not get on a plane. Lock the doors and stay inside. It’s Tuesday the thirteenth.

In Argentina, as in Spain and multiple parts of Latin America, …

Argentina has too many citizens and residents addicted to drugs and is under attack from narcos, according to the government, which has declared a “National Emergency With Regards To Addictions” until 31 December 2018.  

The measure, announced in today’s

The singer and actor known as Silvestre, mildly famous for a few mournful ballads in the 80s and a few more telenovelas since, has accused former presidential candidate Daniel Scioli of dating his ex-wife when she was only 13. Scioli

Veto yes? Veto no? Que sé yo?

The government has gone into a head spin after a “nightmare” defeat in the Chamber of Deputies, publicly back-flipping on whether it would veto the opposition’s income tax reform bill if

He looks like a slapstick comedian, wears a yellow jacket and a Donald Trump pin, and has a taste for offensive jibes. But who is Alfredo Olmedo, the cock-eyed, gap-toothed mavrick legislator from Salta?

Well, for one thing, he’s the