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Articles by Elke Wakefield

So you didn’t score tickets to Lollapallooza and you’re sad that Argentina lost to Bolivia? Never fear, the weekend is almost here, and it’s a good one.

Friday 31st

Freak Show


Stop what you’re doing. Put down your devices. Mute any thoughts that may be happening in your head. Because something HUGE happened this week and you didn’t even realize.

One of the most famous people on Planet Earth, former Disney …

The setting is a little startling. Between two long, sombre-toned paintings of British monarchs, the words ENTREPRENEURS ARE GREAT stands out in bold black font on a giant screen. Overhead there’s a hefty crystal chandelier, and on the stage a

One of the flagship projects of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta’s Buenos Aires City Government is the urbanization of the city’s many slums, home to an estimated 275,000 people. In a symbolic move, Larreta even moved his office into a former

Marches, protests, marches, pickets, marches. The year is trotting along in typical Argentine fashion. So prep your banners and clear your throat for a day of chanting and singing. Then, citizen’s duty done, hit the city’s bars, restaurants, parks and …

All over the world, renting is synonymous with suffering. Either you pay exorbitant amounts to live in a matchbox in the city, or you perch on the outer rim of the known world, spending time and money sardined into subways

One of policy platforms on which President Macri came to power was “zero poverty”. While it sounded good at the time, Macri’s probably kicking himself for choosing the word “zero” (which, as public intellectual, Beatriz Sarlo, pointed out, is

There’s a brisk and enlivening chill in the air, which has helped us all wake up from the summer torpor. Put a spring in your step and hit the city for a weekend of fun, festivity and reflection.

Friday 17th

International Human Rights Organization, Amnesty International, has called for urgent action in relation to three indigenous men from the Wichí community in Argentina’s northern region whose right to a fair trial they claim is being violated.

On March 20th, three

In what can only be described as a moment of pure folly, former Domestic Trade Secretary come pancho (hot dog) entrepreneur, Guillermo Moreno, has more or less challenged Federal Judge Claudio Bonadio to a fist fight via a poorly produced …