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Articles by Denise Wernly

If for some reason Cordoba hasn’t made its way onto your Argentina travel wishlist, you’re going to have to shift some things around. The underdog destination is finally starting to get the attention it deserves from the travel industry. Sure

This weekend’s theme seems to be fabulous pairings. What are we talking about? Oh you know, things like Friday the 13th and spooky tours, comedy and beer, movies and food, and Meryl Streep and a microphone. Don’t let the

Now that we’ve successfully put the anomalous 2016 behind us, it’s time to move forward with yet another festive weekend. The kings are coming! Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar are all en route to mess with your footwear, and are

Now that you’ve had a couple of days to recover from the inevitable Christmas postprandial somnolence, it’s time to rally. You’ve got some serious despidiendo to do, and the city is here to help you say goodbye to 2016 with

Even though everyone is officially on vacation, you’ve still got options if you need to escape the clutches of an overbearing family or pass off the responsibility of your own holiday entertainment. If you just need a little Christmas tree

It might not be four days long like last week but this weekend comes with its own brand of magic. What kind? The fairy dust that results from the combination of time off, good weather, and building holiday anticipation. Buenos …

We’ve finally arrived at appropriate weekend length! Anyone who understands that recreation and rest are the pillars of a well-lived life, totally get that having four entire days off is the only way to take advantage of what this city …

Music is the name of the game this weekend, and this city is coming at you with options galore. Whether you’re looking to dance to it, make it your career, or just sit for awhile and listen, there is no

This is it. The most magical weekend of the year. Ok, yes. Christmas is pure magic, joy, and food coma heaven, but hear us out: We have arrived at the junction of the great tradition of celebrating the humble turkey

Producer extraordinaire Diego Kolankowsky is finishing up one of his stints in Buenos Aires and true to his Superman nature, he’s managed to produce a mega-hit on Corrientes and start production on two major films (Casi Leyendas and You