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Articles by Catherine Quiroga

The Food Truck movement got started in Buenos Aires a few years ago, and has been at the heart of a legislative contradiction ever since. Food trucks can legally exist (technically), but Law 1166/03 prevents them from selling their products

TripAdvisor recently revealed its list of the 25 Best Fine Dining Restaurants in the world. La Bourgogne, from French Chef Jean Paul Bondoux, was the only Argentine restaurant to make it onto the list, ranking in at the

A new bill introduced by Deputy Liliana Mazure seeking to extend the intellectual property of images up to 70 years after artists’ deaths would prohibit the public dissemination of many iconic images from from the Twentieth Century. Basically, databases such …

Feel like celebrating spring’s long overdue arrival? Nothing says fun in the sun like caribbean beats and seriously delicious and soulful Venezuelan food, which is convenient because Sunday will play host to Venezuelan food fest Feria Sabores

Venezuelan you

This weekend was meant to set the stage for an epic as our favorite French food fairs – Le Marché and Le Petit Mercado – were taking place simultaneously. Sadly, news is in: due to the rainy weather Le Marché …

Here’s what you’ve been missing out on by not hanging out in San Telmo:

While a lot of you were heading to Vicente Lopez for the much-awaited Feria Raiz, something big was happening in San Telmo. A food fair was

Drop your mate gourd everyone! It is officially Coffee Day and we are here to guide you through 24 hours of celebrations. Yes, it is in fact possible to get your hands on a good cup of coffee in Buenos …

A popular Argentine saying asserts that “God is everywhere, but the only place he has to work is in Buenos Aires” – a phrase meant to mock the country’s apparent penchant for all things bureaucratic. But the latest

On June 3rd, nearly 300,000 people gathered in front of Buenos Aires’ Congress building to protest gender-based violence. “Not a women less, not one more death” was the rallying cry. Over the following weeks, the demonstration was replicated all over …

What makes a dish particularly Argentine? Sure chimichurri helps, but it’s a question that is trickier than you might think to answer. Luckily for us, the Raiz Festival Gastronomico (food fair) is here to help and is giving all of