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Articles by Catherine Quiroga

Thought your April was going to be rainy and boring? Well think again because Buenos Aires’ favorite bi-annual food event is here to spice things up. BA Food Week starts today and it has some pretty exciting new offers we

This brilliant one week event was conceived by Wines of Argentina and offers a variety of activities revolving around the most distinctive of all Argentine grapes – Malbec. Talks with experts, discounts, open air and free tastings are just a

Opening a taqueria in Buenos Aires, where burgers, panchos and parrillas are rule supreme, can be something of a challenge. Serving tacos on colorful plastic dishes with a variety of hot sauces as the only topping option to an Argentine

Burgers, burgers, burgers. Everywhere you go in town they’re there. Sure, we all love a good burger and are thrilled to finally see Argentines embrace them. Moving from fat and flavorless patties onto a gourmet exploration of the “American burger”

So, you love drinking wine but you’re not totally sure how to spell oenology. You’ve spotted a couple of labels at your local supermarket that have – to your novice palate – a great value for the money. Since you

You’ve made yourself a promise: this is your year. You signed up for those crossfit classes and you want to go for the whole healthy package: no more deep fried anything, goodbye empanadas and see you never fernet-coca. Sure that …

Last week, Yelp revealed its “Argentine Top 100”, featuring what users of the world famous online guide believe to be the 100 best restaurants in Argentina. The Bubble has crunched the numbers (and some papas) to bring you …

Tierra de Nadie has been referred to as one of the best burger spots in town. Their creative recipes – their cheddar stuffed burger is a personal obsession of mine – along with the freshness and authenticity of their housemade 

It’s Sunday again. You promised yourself this time it would be different… You would get out of bed early morning and go for that weekly jogging sessions you committed to on your New Year’s resolutions. But last night you witnessed …

With utility bills going up by 300% this summer, we needed to find an alternative to blasting our AC at home. We’ve already explored the thermo-reduction solution that is craft beer, so we decided to focus on a creamier