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Articles by Catherine Quiroga

Buenos Aires’ food scene is constantly renewing itself. Right when we were starting to think the local food scene had stagnated on burgers, three new players in town have come to prove us wrong. These are the three new eateries 

Thought it was time you start losing that winter weight? That goal is about to get a little more challenging. Buenos Aires Food Week, the thirteen-day unbridled upscale eating spree starts on Monday. Best news is that the price …

The equation for a regular restaurant serving Argentine cuisine in Buenos Aires goes something like this:  The menu = 90% meat + 10% (frozen) fish. This is where Roux takes its first step apart from the Argentine standard. “Here

“It’s an acquired taste” they said to me the first time I tried Fernet-Coca and felt like I was drinking my Listerine, Cuba Libre style.

It will grow on you” they kept saying over the uncountable times

Fooled by those glimpses of sunshine last week? Welcome back to real life. Winter is here and it won’t be going anywhere for a while. Delivery and Netflix are all that you are envisioning for Friday nights and you’ve already

Palermo Beer Fest is the perfect excuse to walk away from your Netflix queue and actually do something with your life. If that something involved drinking that is. Starting at midday, this craft beer party will be invading the rooms …

Hello there my fellow digital nomads. You’ve made your way to Buenos Aires and have quickly found out there’s free WiFi in almost every café. Awesome right ?! But what’s wrong with the coffee? And are milanesas really all there …

Drop your pints of craft beer, forget all that wine vocabulary you’ve been struggling to learn and stop pouring orange juice into your Campari… It’s time for (grade A) cocktails. Buenos Aires’ top bars are preparing to blow you away

Attention food lovers, Feria Masticar, the biggest Food Fair in Buenos Aires, will be back in Palermo from the 5th until the 8th of May. This year the food fueled joy will spread beyond El Dorrego’s patio, all

Finding authentic Asian cuisine in Buenos Aires can feel daunting. Thank the expensive gods for Barrio Chino. A couple of blocks from Barrancas de Belgrano, you can find your favorite Asian treats, or at least some of the key ingredients