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Articles by Christine-Marie Andrieu

“I love your crescent moon. I’ve got one tattooed on my butt,” says Adore Delano, commenting on my necklace. I say I know, I’ve seen it, and we both laugh. It’s Friday, December 7th, the night of her

“Aw, I didn’t know I could order alcohol. Otherwise I would have,” says Icon Black, pouting slightly. We’re at a café near Tribunales where she just ordered an orange juice and I proceeded to request a glass of white

“Did I hear someone say ‘How disgusting’?” asks Sonica Satana defiantly into the microphone she’s holding. “If you’re disgusted, don’t come see me. This will disgust you, if you see it”, the drag queen continues, slightly lifting her skirt. Tall,

“Drag is anything you want it to be. It can transform and take shape according to who you are. It’s not ‘for’ anything. It doesn’t necessarily blur gender binaries. It’s not necessarily art, entertainment or work. It can be whatever …

“I was thinking. I want you to sell me as the human Barbie. I believe it will work well and I want to go viral”, says the 21-year-old sitting opposite me with short pink hair and thick black glasses, before