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Articles by Brendan Bresnahan

Although it goes against my better artistic judgment, I believe the best way to begin this “profile” piece is by addressing a number of not so insignificant truths from my night of illegal activity with the No Me Baño crew:

While many of today’s digital age storytellers appear to fancy themselves as artists, how many of these “artists” truly understand the impact of a properly told story? This was the question I was forced to confront as I traveled to

They say we never forget our first time… I think that’s especially true when it comes to RRAA.-. I remember mine like it was yesterday. There I was, lying face-down and prone on a terrace bench, the tattoo artist known

Wait, you’re going to do what? Pero sos un boludo…!

That was my dear wife’s response, as I described to her the details of my soon-to-be commissioned piece for The Bubble.

“Yes my love, I’m going to