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Articles by Aldana Vales

Yes, the World Wide Web is dark and full of terrors. Fake news goes viral, embroiling political leaders and laypeople alike in perpetual conflict and influencing election results. Trolls are free to viciously attack you on Twitter any time they

One stage, 500 people in the audience, and a jury. Is it a talent contest? It can be if your skill is pitching a working product to venture capitalists. That is the essence of Startup Battlefield, the competition created 12

We all know that it’s a long road to the top if you wanna rock ‘n roll. It turns out that the same applies to having your own business, especially in Argentina. Luckily, there are many of entrepreneurs who can …

It was 2011. Using Meetup, some guys decided to gather in a bar in Buenos Aires and discuss a new digital sensation. It was called Bitcoin, and it was supposed to change the way we handled money. Six of them

Believe it or not, Argentina is also into the space race, one nanosatellite at a time. Maybe you’ve heard about them. If not, it is time to introduce you to Fresco and Batata, two words that in any restaurant will …