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Articles by Allie Pitchon

On Wednesday, President Mauricio Macri had a fifteen-minute phone call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. According to the Casa Rosada, Merkel expressed her support for Macri’s ongoing adjustment policies during the call, as well as Argentina’s deal with the

On Wednesday, Buenos Aires governor María Eugenia Vidal announced that she is planning to increase spending allocated towards a number of different welfare programs in the province, including pensions, family allowances, and food programs. The increase, which will go

On Monday, the Buenos Aires Secretariat of Health announced that three children had died in the last two weeks due to a particularly aggressive form of the streptococcus bacteria. Now another baby in Rio Negro—and for the first time, an

On Tuesday, the Central Bank released a Monetary Policy statement that projected an upward trend in Argentina’s inflation due to the latest spike in the exchange rate. This comes soon after another recent increase in prices during the month of

Former presidential candidate Daniel Scioli reappeared in the public eye this week and used the spotlight to fire shots against the Macri administration, who he blames for the ongoing economic crisis.

“This situation was avoidable,” Scioli said on live television,

On Tuesday, Ricardo Lorenzetti announced his resignation from the Argentine Supreme Court presidency after 11 years. The judge had occupied the highest post in Argentina’s justice system since January 2007, and will be replaced by Carlos Rosenkrantz on October 1st.

In the midst of Argentina’s growing crisis and general economic turbulence, the projected stagnation in the country’s labor market for the end of the year has increased accordingly. Although overall labor growth remains in positive territory, the net employment generation

In a cutting interview with Spain’s El País newspaper on MondaySenator Miguel Angel Pichetto attributed the ongoing crisis in Argentina to errors of diagnosis and malpractice on the part of President Mauricio Macri since the very start of

Another development has arisen surrounding former Planning Minister Julio de Vido’s involvement in the ongoing Notebook Scandal after the former official’s doorman reported seeing the De Vido removing “three huge safes” just before his apartment building was raided in 2016,

The 17 percent increase in the purchasing price of biodiesel— announced through Resolution 3/2018 this Monday in the government’s Official Bulletin— could once again impact everyday fuel prices paid by consumers at gas stations.

In the first week of September,