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As another sweltering week comes to a close, you’d be forgiven for thinking everyone has a bit of bronca these days or perhaps they’re just plain angry? Hot weather has its challenges, people. The #struggle is real. Moving on, there’s

We see you, glass of wine in hand, holding court on the latest Spanish-language television sensation; do you want to wax philosophical about La Casa de Papel? Hey, that’s pretty good. Want to flaunt your encyclopedic knowledge of Luismi’s

While Buenos Aires slowly comes back to life and we all hope that the stifling humidity begins to subside (#prayforus), plenty of the cultural centers, pop-up events, and festivals that we love are making a return to the agenda once …

For the first time ever, the Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires (FIBA), the city’s biggest theater festival, will take place during the summer. Beginning on January 23rd and running through February 3rd, the event will feature a wide array of …

As Buenos Aires gives us a tempestuous and wet start to the summer season it looks like with a bit of luck the storm clouds may just lift for a short window this weekend. It may not be quite the

Feliz año nuevo! While you’ve probably heard that line more times than you care to remember and are really just relieved to have survived your monster resaca since January 1st, we all deserve a huge congratulations for making it

2019 has finally arrived, and the inevitable new year’s resolution questions are still lingering. But forget resolving to do more exercise or responsibly saving your pennies for a rainy day. You’re in Buenos Aires! A city of parks and sculptures, …

As another year draws to a close, it’s time to congratulate ourselves for surviving another tumultuous and unpredictable year. While the city empties out and scores of lucky porteños head to the coast for breezier climates and a holiday, it’s

Counting our lucky stars we’ve made it to the end of another year, the final days of 2018 are now definitely within reach. To make the end of year shenanigans that much more bearable, a well-deserved puente turístico is falling

Although it goes against my better artistic judgment, I believe the best way to begin this “profile” piece is by addressing a number of not so insignificant truths from my night of illegal activity with the No Me Baño crew: