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The Bubble’s Guide to Gallery Weekend Buenos Aires

Keep exploring BA's art scene this weekend

By | [email protected] | September 6, 2018 11:21am


This month is crammed with art, food and music and this weekend might just be the biggest one of them of all, with Masticar, Art Basel, and Gallery Weekend Buenos Aires (GWBA). This last one is a new joint initiative from the arteBA Foundation and Meridiano, the Argentine Chamber of Art Galleries, in collaboration with the Buenos Aires City Government.

The multifaceted program will inaugurate installations in over 40 galleries located in the coolest barrios of Buenos Aires. You’ll be able to visit artists’ studios, see performances, and attend art talks. So be illuminated by the Argentine art scene, and take your pick from the three-day art pilgrimage.

On Friday, September 7th from 5 PM to 8 PM the art circuit will be in Recoleta and Retiro. The following day, September 8th, events will happen from 12 PM to 8 PM in Palermo, Villa Crespo, and Charcarita. Ultimately, Gallery Weekend will conclude on Sunday the 9th in La Boca and San Telmo.


Here’s a plan: if you’ve already stuffed yourself silly at the Masticar food fair (and need to walk a bit to rest from the gourmet munchies), perhaps pop down to Recoleta and RetiroThis will be the first art day round-up for GWBA, and there’s a bit of everything; from a mix of art and rock n’ roll at Cosmocosa to a touch of classy jazz at Miranda Bosch. Here’s just a taste of what you might expect this Friday.

Maman Fine Art 

For those into the finer things in life, then check this place out. This trendy gallery is at the heart of the Design District, a neighborhood dedicated to innovative fashion, art, design and architecture experiences. This will also be the info point at the start of your art journey.

Image result for miguel caride dibujos

Painting by Miguel Caride (Photo via Taller La Obra)

Maman Fine Art will display the work of the self-taught painter Miguel Caride, one of the great figures of Argentine art. His exhibition Elegía has often been compared to the work of Picasso himself, as the artist has adopted the single-linear approach for his drawing and expressing the subtle perfection behind simplicity. His oil paintings from the ’70s, on the other hand, are another story; the complexity of ethereal and diaphanous geometry will provide a contrast between the different mediums of art.

The gallery will also house a collective exhibition (Concrete and Kinetics) of Latin American artists from the ’50s all the way through to the ’80s. One of the most impressive pieces at this inauguration is the Structural Theory of Color by Raúl Tudón, which is a set of 30 panels that geographically describes each step of the development of written theory.

The highlight of these displays is the fact that you’ll have the opportunity to have all the work explained to you by the curators, Rodrigo Alonso and Patricia Pacino, at 6 PM.

Curator talk at 6 PM | Maman Fine Art  | Av. del Libertador 2475 | More info

Rolf Art 

This art platform was founded by Florencia Giordana in 2009 and focuses on contemporary Latin American visual art, exploring photographic media and its boundaries. So if photography is more your game, then this is the place to go.

Here, the infamous artist and architect, Cristina Piffer, will present her exhibition Argento, which offer an insight into the protagonists from different epochs of the nineteenth-century in Argentina.

Image result for cristina piffer argento

Artwork by Cristina Piffer (Photo via

She uses various organic materials such as fat, meat, animal viscera, and dehydrated blood powder, sealed in acrylic plates and exhibited in aseptic countertops fixed with bolts and steel hooks. In that sense, the organic materials employed by the artist work as a disturbing metaphor for the erased bodies in history.

You’ll also have the chance to meet with the artist in the flesh as she (along with Fernando Davis) will be giving guided tours around the art pieces in the gallery at 6 PM.

Guided tour at 6 PM | Rolf Art Gallery | Esmeralda 1353 | More info

Other interesting events happening along the circuit: 

  • Live rock at 8 PM | Cosmocosa | Montevideo 1430 | More info
  • Sophie Lussi Jazz Quintet at 6 PM | Miranda Bosch | Montevideo 1720 | More info
  • DJ Set at 7 PM | Mite | Av. Santa Fe 2729 | More info
  • Art talk by Manuel Larralde at 6 PM | Otto Galería | Paraná 1158 | More info
  • Art talk. Activation of Works. Vinyl set at 7 PM | Pasto | Pereyra Lucena 2589 | More info
  • Opening and curator guided tours at 6 PM | Pop-up Rosario | Arroyo 932 | More info
  • See a graffiti artist at work from 6PM | Aldo de Sousa | Arroyo 858 | More info
  • Guided tours by Adriana Lauría & Liliana Crenovich at 6 PM | Roldán Moderno | Juncal 743 | More info
  • Guided tour by the artist Paula Noé Murphy | Rubbers International | Av. Alvear 1640 | More info
  • Guided tours at 6 PM | Van Riel | Juncal 790 | More info

Check out more information on the other galleries part of this event here



If you enjoy art and wine, swing by the Galería HACHE. You’ll have the chance to see the artwork of Leticia Obeid, born in Córdoba in 1975, who combines video, drawing and writing within a majority of her artwork.

Image may contain: one or more people

Video still from Obeid’s exhibition (Photo via HACHE)

Her exhibition Piedra, Tijera, Papel (Rock, Paper, Scissors) will be curated by Federico Baeza. The central piece emerges from a video made in 2017 for a contemporary opera directed by Franco Panisello at the main auditorium of the Reina Sofía National Art Center in Madrid. The exhibition inaugurated by HACHE is a reworking of that audio-visual material.

In the video the artist explores the beginnings of paleontology, showing intricate detail within her work. The images are taken from the handcraft workshop carried out at the Bernardino Rivadavia Museum, titled the Saturn Footprint. Her pieces aim to create a relationship between science and art, as Obeid applies scientific logic to her paintings.

As a treat, both Obeid and the curator will be at the venue presenting talks from 4 PM.

Talks by the artist and curator at 4 PM | HACHE | Loyola 32 | More info 

Gachi Prieto

For something a bit weird and wonderful, you’ll be able to watch the How to abandon a ship performance created by Valeria Conte Mac Donell at 2 PM.

Valeria Conte Mac Donell (Photo via the artist’s website)

This inauguration will include three model-wire ships representing navigation, with carbon outlining the water in room. The space will be embellished with white illumination, with no shadows being allowed to penetrate the light. The movement of the wires will stimulate the flow of the boat floating on water.

You’ll be able to hear crunching sounds coming from inside the boats, which will resonate throughout the room followed by deep silences (intense!).

Live performance at 2 PM | Gachi Prieto | Uriarte 1373 | More info

Other interesting events happening along the circuit:

  • Art talks by curators at 6 PM | Espacio PLA | Malabia 1841, Piso 2 | More info
  • Art talk by the artists and curator at 5:30 PM | Hilo | Av. Scalabrini Ortiz 1396 | More info
  • Opening and art talk at 5 PM | Acéfala | Niceto Vega 4754 | More info
  • Guided tour by Adriana Bustos | Nora Fisch | Av. Córdoba 5222 | More info
  • Art talk by Marie Orensanz at 5 PM | Ruth Benzacar | Juan Ramírez de Velasco 1287 | More info
  • Art talk by Kerry Dorran at 6 PM | UV | Humboldt 401 | More info
  • Talk from a collaboration of artists | Mariacasado | Av. Corrientes 6277 | More info
  • Performance by Diego Bianchi, Nicolás Robbo and Irina Krna Kirchuck from 12 PM ‘til closing | Isla Flotante | Av. Chorroarín 1 | More info
  • Art performances from 1 PM | Atocha | Batalla Pari | More info
  • Collaborative talk between Evelyn Marquez and Dolores Casares at 5 PM | Pabellón 4 arte contemporáneo | Juan Ramírez de Velasco 556| More info

For more info on the other galleries participating this Saturday press here 


Sunday is the last day of GWBA (phew!), so pop into the last few open studios and galleries before this event comes to an end. Carry on reading to discover what’s on offer.


Piedras will be hosting some of the works from Beto Álvarez (1989). Born in Buenos Aires, the Argentine artist delves into sexuality, the exchange, and the use of power and research around the human body.

In this new and exciting installation the artist uses a wide array of art mediums, from drawing to sculpture. The geometry in his work, 7, uses various materials to make his art come to life. In this particular exhibition the artist creates demon-like figures that emerge from the past and attempt to battle against one’s desires and will.

This a very dramatic and self-reflective piece, which will also be accompanied by a live performance by Liv Schulman at 6 PM.

Image may contain: text

(Photo via Facebook/PIEDRAS)

Live performance at 6 PM | Piedras | Av. Rivadavia 2615 | More info 


At the Barro art gallery there will be a collective exhibit called, “Mirá el reloj, se derritió. Cuando las obras preguntan qué hora es, curated by Sonia Brece. There will be a display of works by Mónica Giron, Nicolás Gullotta, Irene Kopelman, Alfredo Londaribere, Marcelo Pombo, Alejandra Seeber, Amalia Ulman and Angustina Woodgate.

The project includes paintings, collages, installations, videos and fabrics that interpellate the era from the themes they address, one of the main themes being time itself. 

To get a more extensive explanation of this exhibit the curator herself will be presenting a talk from 3 PM,  so try and swing by this Sunday.

Image may contain: indoor

(Photo via Barro)

Guided tour by Sonia Brece at 3 PM | Barro | Caboto 531 | More info 

Other highlights for this event: 

  • Guided tour at 5 PM | Walden | Av. Almirante Brown 808 | More info
  • Guided tour by the curator at 4 PM | Pop-up: El Gran Vidrio + HACHE | Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1555 | More info

For more information on events happening on Sunday just click here