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Arrests Made After 400 Kilos of Cocaine are Found at the Russian Embassy

By | [email protected] | February 22, 2018 3:19pm


A Deputy Chief of the City of Buenos Aires Police, Ivan Blizniouk, was detained today after he was accused of being involved in an operation that aimed to traffic 400 kilos of cocaine from Argentina to Russia through 12 diplomatic suitcases. Yes, you read that right, and no, it wasn’t the plot of a shitty Mark Wahlberg movie.

Blizniouk’s was the latest of a series of arrests that have taken place as a result of a 15-month-long investigation conducted by Federal Judge Julián Ercolini, which began when the Russian Ambassador to Argentina, Victor Koronelli, let the Security Ministry know that he had found a suspicious set of suitcases in the school attached to the embassy.

In order to find out who was involved in the operation, GPS trackers were hidden in the suitcases and the cocaine was replaced with flour. They were finally moved at the end of last year on a diplomatic flight, and after a controlled delivery, four people were detained in Russia – among them, the man who worked as the Russian Embassy’s accountant until 2016. The identities of the other detainees – the remaining three that were arrested in Russia, plus one more in Argentina – hasn’t been revealed yet.

According to the City’s Minister of Justice and Security, Blizniouk also worked as a liaison with Russia’s Interior Ministry, with which the institution has signed a cooperation agreement. In fact, several Argentine agents have traveled to Moscow for training courses. However, rebuking what some news sites reported earlier, the Security Ministry clarified that Blizniouk was not in charge of training police cadets.

Not shockingly, he was put on administrative leave.