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Father And Son Arrested After Dumping AR $1 Million During Police Chase

By | [email protected] | June 1, 2016 11:53am


As car chases go, this one sounds quite low budget. Imagine the scene. A Tuesday night in the province of Entre Rios, a Volkswagen containing a father and son is being pursued, at maybe, like, 70 km/h by a border control Ford Focus.

Nicolas Cage has already started on a screenplay.

While traveling down the Route 14, the pair in question had spotted police (border control, technically, but they’re everywhere) at the 240 km mark. But realizing they wouldn’t be able to pass through, the unnamed duo did what we all would’ve done: they pulled a U-Turn in the middle of the road and sped off from whence they came, I’m sure entirely inconspicuously – but not before throwing AR $1 million in cash out the window, apparently thinking police are kind of like a magpie that can be distracted by some shiny tinfoil and jangling keys. (Hollywood couldn’t write this.)

In their defense, AR $1 million is only about enough to buy a loaf of bread and six eggs in the current financial climate.

The police, seeing this vaguely suspicious behavior, hotfooted to their station wagons and accelerated off in a cloud of diesel fumes before reaching 75 km/h somewhere between 7-10 seconds.

The VW Bora. You can hear the screeching of tires and smell the burning of rubber already. Photo via

The VW Bora. You can hear the screeching of tires and smell the burning of rubber already. Photo via

Maybe, the duo’s decision to toss out their hard-earned cash was actually to lighten the load as the mighty Volkswagen, foot to the floor, was being steadily gained on by the Focus – your hair probably grows faster than this.

A few kilometers later the pair was apprehended, while the police went back to scan the area for the two bags containing AR $170,000, US $30,700 and 192 checks of various values. The police now know where their pay rise is coming from.

The father and son apparently were unable to justify where the cash came from. Unbelievable! When footballer Mario Balotelli was stopped by policemen in England and asked why there was a bundle of £25,000 on the passenger seat of his car, he simply replied “because I’m rich.” Although I’m not sure that works, exactly, when the money you’re trafficking is worth 36 times more than your car.

Look, I’m no criminal mastermind, but if you’re running about with US $72,000 and you encounter law enforcement, maybe you would’ve stood a better chance giving them a wink and a nudge, so to speak.*

The pair has been arrested under the charge of trafficking money.

*The Bubble in no way condones the bribery of law enforcement officers.