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Study: 11% of Argentines Check Their Phones More Than 200 Times a Day

By | [email protected] | January 22, 2018 12:35pm


We all knew we were already worryingly addicted to smartphones, but now there’s a study to back that up. According to research carried out by Deloitte, around eleven percent of Argentines are checking their phones more than 200 times a day.

Owning a smartphone in Argentina is not a novel concept and statistics show that Argentina is well ahead of other countries in the region. Despite the higher prices of technology, 91 percent of Argentines own a smartphone compared to 89 percent of Mexico and 82 percent of the US With an even higher usage of smartphones than the country that invented them, it’s safe to say that Argentines are pretty hooked on the convenience and accessibility of these pesky addictive devices.


Maybe this guy’s got the right idea … running away from addictive social media. Via


Of course Argentina is by no means the only country in the world to have caught a little of the smartphone addiction epidemic, (we’re all a little guilty of that) but Deloitte commented that Argentina is more connected or dependent (whichever way you like to look at it) to their smartphone technology. A global average of just five percent check their phones more than 200 times per day as opposed to Argentina’s eleven.

For some of us, it seems that sleep is the only time that we are allowed a release from the addiction. A few solid hours of smartphone free bliss, you would think. But don’t get ahead of yourself. With an average of 26 percent checking their phones in the middle of the night, (for social media notifications FYI) it seems that even our subconscious is embroiled in a struggle against cell phone temptations.

Nothing like the bright light of an instagram like. Photo via android authority.

Nothing like the bright light of an instagram like. Photo via android authority.


If you’ve resisted the temptation of checking your latest Instagram post for likes in the middle of the night, then good for you, but probably you’ll have a quick look first thing. Within an hour of waking up, 95 percent have checked their phone and 28 percent admit that checking their phone is their first activity of the day.

A similar pattern is also true of before bed activities. Despite consistent health warnings, 22 percent say that a quick browse on their phone is the last thing that they do at night, whereas 90 percent have checked within the last hour before sleeping.

In terms of what everyone’s obsessively checking, the study came up with a few ideas. In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, WhatsApp is kind of a big deal right now; with 99 percent of Argentines using the popular instant messaging app. By far the most frequently checked instant messaging app, around 74 percent use the app at least once an hour. Following behind for overall usage is Facebook along with personal emails.

The reasons why we are constantly looking at our phones. Via La Nacion

Lots of reasons why we like to look at our phones … social media. Via La Nacion


Lots of us like a quick Facebook scroll while surfing the subte (45 percent prefer to check their phones on public transport) whilst 42 percent (bosses look away now) prefer their place of work for a quick social update.

So we all like a bit of social media scrolling and updating, that much is pretty clear, so you’d think potentially Facebook, WhatsApp or even Instagram might be the most popular reason for unlocking your phone, right? Wrong. According to Deloitte, the most common reason (55 percent) to check your phone in Argentina is in reality… to use map applications. I know right, we all don’t seem to know where we are or where we’re going, probably because we’re so distracted by all forms of social media.