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Argentine Wins ‘Miss Congeniality’ At International Trans Beauty Competition

By | [email protected] | September 20, 2016 3:02pm


Victoria Caram of Tucumán province brought home the title of Miss Congeniality from the 2016 Miss Trans International Competition that took place in Barcelona last week. The award of Miss Congeniality is decided upon between the judges and the participants.

“The motivation behind my participation in Miss Trans International is to vindicate the rights of the transgender community around the world.” said Caram in her video for the competition. “We want to have the right to health care, education, and decent jobs.”

Caram currently lives in Amsterdam where she works as a dancer and also participates in a number of LGBT events in Europe. She says that while she is far from home she feels very strongly about her homeland, where the practice doesn’t necessarily match the law: “We had human rights laws yet we are still persecuted against as if it was nothing.”

Caram studied International Relations and grew up in a traditional Catholic family who eventually came to her to support her.