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Argentine Street Artist Ice Debuts ‘De la A a la Seta’

By | [email protected] | July 27, 2016 11:30am


Walk across the main floor. Past the bar bench, dining seating, the jukebox aching The Ramones. The walls are tattooed with posters and graffiti. Up a flight of stairs and through a hallway gallery for fixture artwork. Through the door, a rooftop lounge with an industrial facade mural-painted in the gaudy surrealism of bare-bones street art.

Now the floor is filled with unzipped boxes of canvas, and the signature sunken colors of waxy-capped mushrooms.


Tonight, Hollywood in Cambodia and POST Bar are hosting the opening gallery show of Buenos Aires native and renowned street artist Ice.

The name of his exhibition, “De la A a la Seta” (a riff on “from A to Z”) hints at the subject of the show – in Spanish, “seta” means mushroom – and also suggests the organization of his showpieces.

There are 27 letters in the Spanish Alphabet, and to reference this, there are twenty-seven pieces on display throughout the exhibit.

As he is experimenting with a new form of presentation, Ice is also exploring new and varied creative techniques.  Many of the pieces in his collection are negative prints of stylized images, while others have the aesthetic of a collage and use antique book bindings as their canvas.

What ties these pieces together is the common use of of a bell-headed shroom, which is something of a symbol for Ice. In the street, Ice’s signature image is a cartoonish version of the plant, but for this exhibit, he decided to focus on a realistic form of fungi.

“In their kingdom,” Ice said, “mushrooms kill, but they also give life. . . that process is similar to my own.”

He drew his hand backwards to indicate the forest of canvas behind him.

“With this exhibit, I am closing a chapter of my work, but at the same time, I am opening myself up to a new realm of creative possibility.”



Hollywood in Cambodia

Thames 1885


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

7:30 PM


Free entry.

All of the pieces displayed at the exhibition are available for sale.