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Argentine Food Lovers Abroad Meet Your New Favorite Website

By | [email protected] | October 25, 2015 5:15am


Do you wake up in cold sweats in the middle of the night calling out for the dulce de leche you once spread across your panqueques? Do you suffer from a chronic head cloud that only a bitter sip of mate could eradicate?

Rest assured, lovers of all things Argentine, the opportunity to access these goods abroad is closer than you think. Internet startup Brands Of will soon allow Argentina-philes the chance to purchase Argentine goods abroad.

The company, founded by brothers Nestor Guarien Taveras and Alan Taveras, started by providing a platform for those living outside Puerto Rico to purchase and enjoy the products of the country they once called home, or maybe just love. After receiving funding from DC Ventures and M+3 Emprendimientos, two venture capital firms, the Brands Of platform is able to expand South to both Nicaragua and Argentina.

“We saw this as a potential opportunity for local entrepreneurs to start exporting their products and brands to satisfy the growing market outside of Puerto Rico created by the diaspora,” said Alan Taveras.

Their existing site allows you to buy an array of Puerto Rican goods from piña colada body scrub to locally made jewelry.  

“Brands Of is looking to build the largest quality based catalog of Latin Americans products and brands. Our model has relied on online sales and physical pop up stores,” said Taveras.

The goal of the company is to connect locally sourced brands and products to their loyal consumers living across national borders. Brands Of Argentina finds the Taveras brothers partnering with two Argentines who most likely understand the important difference between alfajores de maizena and their chocolate counterparts.

Keep your eyes peeled for the opening of their online store at