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Argentine Fan Expelled from the World Cup Due To Sexist Video

By | [email protected] | June 21, 2018 3:57pm

twitterNéstor Fernando Penovi's video has gone viral in a couple of hours (Photo via Twitter)

Néstor Fernando Penovi, a 47 year old Argentine, has recently been accused of sexual harassment and expelled from the World Cup in Russia after a video he produced where he asks a 15-year old Russian girl to repeat inappropriate phrases in Spanish, went viral on social media.

Starting off slowly with some basic words, the hincha quickly moves to more vulgar sentences, as you can witness for yourself in the following video:

The subsequent reaction was most definitely not the one he intended. The Russian Embassy in Argentina quickly shared on Twitter a message stating that it was “profoundly outraged by the stupid obscene and offensive behavior” by the foreign tourists who are “apparently from” Argentina. “We hope that this person has the courage to make the necessary public apology,” the statement concluded.

On the other end, the Argentine Embassy in Russia had already shared its own remarks when the video started going viral, signaling the need for “respect, tolerance, and eduction as universal values” and to criticize the “use of different languages to disrespect our Russian host.”

Later today, to avoid potential diplomatic crisis, the Argentine Security Ministry announced that the fan would be expelled from Russia by revoking his Fan ID, which all spectators must have in order to attend World Cup games. Guillermo Madero, the director of security within football, announced that “[Security] Minister [Patricia] Bullrich has communicated with me and we ask for this person to immediately, for shame, for dishonesty, for indecency, the truth is adjectives are lacking, have his stadium access withdrawn for the entirey of the World Cup.”

As of today, the fan still hasn’t made any public comments, but we hope the public reaction will discourage future sexist behavior. One thing is for certain: with the current social and political climate, this type of behavior is tolerated less and less.