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Two Argentine Bartenders Ranked in Global List of 100 Most Influential Figures

Tato Giovannoni and Fede Cuco were highlighted by Drinks International magazine.

By | [email protected] | August 7, 2019 10:23am

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Did I miss the memo, or has The Bubble become a one-stop-shop for all things related to the strangely niche sub-topic that is “Argentines winning both national and global recognition in a variety of disciplines”? Either way, I’m not complaining, because our life is a general dumpster fire and any opportunity to take a breath and celebrate the small joys is fine by me. No, really.

Last week, cocktail magazine Drinks International announced its first-ever “Bar World 100,” an extensive roundup of the most influential figures in the beverage industry. While London and New York occupied a substantial part of that list – naturally – two lucky gents from Buenos Aires also made the cut. Without further ado, raise a glass to Argentina’s own Tato Giovannoni and Fede Cuco, from Florería Atlántico and Verne Club, respectively. Giovannoni came in 16th – next to Erik Lorincz, whom we interviewed last year, with Cuco snagging spot No. 75.

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“A BAR IS BUT FOUR WALLS without the people working within them. They are the energy, they set the vibe, their creations are the drawcard for visitors. The bar business, beyond anything, is a people business. But if the bar world is more than just bars, it goes beyond bartenders too. Our industry is an ecosystem, with everyone playing their part. Historians, journalists, educators, consultants, producers, brand ambassadors and PRs are just some of the players who interact, weave and pollinate one another. Bar World 100, the new Drinks International list, seeks to celebrate the brightest, the greatest, the most influential among them." @hamishssmith . . LINK IN THE BIO . . #bartender #bars #influential #people #business

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According to editor Hamish Smith, 100 commentators were selected to cast their vote; “mainly media professionals” from 71 cities worldwide, “with no more than two voters picked from any one city.” Their task? To name “whom they consider to be among the top 10 most influential figures, driving positive change in the global bar industry.” Focus was placed on balance in terms of “geography and diversity,” according to Smith, in order to provide a fair and inclusive look at the industry on the whole.

Tato Giovannoni: the man, the myth, the legend behind one of BA’s coolest bars, Florería Atlántico. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely spent a night jockeying for a spot at its serpentine bar hidden beneath an unassuming flower shop in the heart of Retiro. Of course, Tato has also launched loads of other beverage projects, like Argentina’s first national gin brand, Príncipe de los Apóstoles (infused with yerba mate, duh), Pulpo Blanco tonic water and ginger ale, Bosquísima and Marítma beers, and Giovannoni vermouth. He’s a total powerhouse when it comes to concept and design, and you’ll see his freehand sketches along the walls of both Florería and Rotisería, the pocket-sized bistro located next door to the bar. Tato is a proponent of all things Argentine, honoring and celebrating the country’s culinary and cultural bounty.

Upon first glance, it’s almost as if Fede Cuco and his bar, Verne Club, were from another era. Decked out in suits with serious Victorian-inspired touches, Cuco is classic through and through. In fact, he’s celebrated for his commitment to saving the Clarito, one of Argentina’s first – yet unknown to many – national cocktails. He’s also taken on the role of a cocktail historian, dedicating time and effort to unearthing the treasures of Argentina’s boozy past and sharing his knowledge with a growing community of followers both offline and through social media. Step into his bar and you’re swept away by the Jules Verne-themed cocktail menu and edgy steampunk vibe that permeates throughout.

Even though I know you don’t really care, who was included in the top 10? London’s Ryan Chetiyawardana took the No. 1 spot, followed by Tayer + Elementary’s Alex Kratena (No. 2), American writer Dave Wondrich (No. 3), Ivy Mix (No. 4) and Monica Berg (No. 5). Rounding it out were Trash Collective’s Iain Griffiths (Toronto, No. 6), BCB education director, Angus Winchester (New York, No. 7), Carina Soto Velasquez of Quixotic Projects (Paris, No. 8), Jeffrey Morganthaler of Clyde Common (Portland, No. 9), and Tim Etherington-Judge of Healthy Hospo (UK, No. 10).