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Argentina’s Macri Once Beat Trump At Golf — And Trump Didn’t Like It One Bit

By | [email protected] | September 27, 2016 6:23pm


Argentine President Mauricio Macri apparently beat Donald Trump at golf once. The tale is contained in a little-read book by Franco Macri, the president’s father, that Infobae dug up for what is a difficult-to-believe anecdote.

In the book Charlas Con Mis Nietos (Conversations With My Grandkids), Franco Macri writes about how he was “impressed” by Mauricio Macri’s “aplomb, self-confidence and his concentration.”

He then goes on to tell the tale: “We were in New York in the middle of difficult negotiations for Lincoln West and Donald Trump wanted to play golf with me — a sport that, like all sports, I play poorly — I told him that I wasn’t at his level in golf but he could play with my eldest son. They played 18 interminable holes. The game was very even, Trump was a good player. But in the last hole, Mauricio beat the American magnate. We were both surprised when Trump, angered by the way he played, broke all the irons and woods one by one.”

So, wait, Trump is a sore loser? That’s a shocker.

Not everyone has the same story about that golf game though. In a series of tweets, Clarín journalist Santiago Fioriti said that Macri actually allowed Trump to win as a business tactic.

“Macri was ahead the whole match, but let himself be defeated at the end. When they were leaving, Trump told him: I know you let me win, but I liked it (continues)”

“Macri let himself be defeated but he wasn’t ever able to do business with Trump. Macri had a Venezuelan girlfriend then (continues)”

“Macri and Trump saw each other again many times. Trump never mentioned golf again. But he never stopped asking about the Venezuelan.”

Allegiances have shifted now, with Macri making clear several times that he would rather see Hillary Clinton win the presidency, a sentiment that Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra repeated after last night’s debate.