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Argentina’s First National Asado Championship To Take Place On Sunday

By | [email protected] | October 7, 2016 4:58pm


This Sunday the greatest pitmasters and asadores in the country will be setting up shop right in front of the Obelisco to compete for the “Best Asado Maker In The Country” title in the first National Asado Championship ever. This event is a part of the bigger celebration of Argentine Cultural Diversity Day, where in addition to the copious amounts of grilled carne there will also be shows, live music and typical national dances.

The championship is the carb-loaded materialization of the government’s clear focus on promoting Capital Federal as the place to be for foodies, families, and tourists.

All the Argentine Provinces, along with the city of Buenos Aires, will be participating in the meat-fueled event. The jury is made up of the country’s gastronomic bigwigs, like Pietro Sorba and representatives from the best Argentine parrillas: Don Julio, La Cabrera, La Carnicería, El Mirasol, Cabaña Las Lilas, Siga la Vaca, Nuestro Secreto and La Cabaña, according Telam.

The cuts of beef that were chosen via social media to compete in the championship are: rump (colita de cuadril), ribs (tira de asado) or flank steak (vacío). Meanwhile, the chosen offal are kidney, sweetbread and the almighty chorizo. There will also be vegetables and grilled provolone cheese. Because you know — variety. No reports on whether the almost universally overlooked ensalada mixta will be present.

The teams will be given bread along with eleven condiments — lemon juice, oil, fresh garlic, oregano, powdered pepper, paprika, laurel, cumin, different types of salt, nutmeg and regular pepper. Finally, each team will have the opportunity to choose between charcoal and firewood to cook.

The juries will rate each team taking note of: presentation, flavor, how well cooked the meat is and composition. The winners will get a golden statue with the figure of a grill and lifelong bragging rights.


October 9 | 10 AM to 7 PM


Obelisco | Av. 9 de Julio