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Check Out Argentina’s First Capsule Hotel

My Pod Capsule by Las Bayas recently opened in the province of Chubut.

By | [email protected] | November 14, 2019 11:57am

podPhoto via My Pod

Would you like to spend a night at a capsule hotel? You know, the miniature af units that have been popular in Japan for more than 40 years that offer a simple, straightforward, and super-small place to rest your head for the night, without much in the way of luxury or extra room? Thanks to the boutique hotel Las Bayas in Esquel (Chubut province), you can give the whole capsule experience a whirl at My Pod Capsule, the first hotel of its kind in Argentina.

Three sisters – Sabrina, Romina, and Priscilla Hernández – are the brains behind the project. Each capsule – there are eight in total – measures just 1.2 x 2 meters and costs between AR $2,000 and AR $2,500 a night. My Pod Capsule is located within Las Bayas, meaning that aside from free breakfast, capsule guests can access the installations, services, and activities of the boutique property during their stay. Not a bad deal, considering you’re probably going to be itching for some fresh air after sleeping in what is basically a coffin at night.

“I’m the traveler in the family,” Sabrina said in an interview with Clarín. “I’ve been to Asia many times. On one of those trips, I was in Singapore during a huge event and there weren’t any hotel rooms anywhere. A friend told me about the [capsule hotel] concept and I decided to try it. The bed was great, just like the shower and the other amenities. When I came back home, I proposed the idea to my sisters.”

My Pod Capsule is environmentally focused and the amenities on offer are cruelty free; the Hernández sisters promote sustainable processes like recycling and reusable containers, biodegradable materials, and compostable fabrics when possible. The capsules, designed to be as light and bright as possible with plenty of natural wood, offer desks, wifi, LED TV’s, multiple ports to charge mobile devices, locker to store valuables, premium bedding, slippers, and more.

There is one tiny (get it?) catch. Each capsule is located within the same larger space, meaning you won’t get *that* much privacy. Blackout curtains in each bunk bed keep the light out while helping to reduce the chance that you’ll get claustrophobic, but if you’re a snorer (or a sleep-talker, like me!) things might get a little hairy.