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Missing Argentine Journalist Found Dead in Floresta Hotel

Martín Licata had been missing since Saturday morning.

By | [email protected] | November 22, 2018 9:56am


Martín Licata, the 27-year-old journalist who went missing last Saturday, was found dead on Wednesday night in an albergue transitorio – or telo, a hotel in which people can pay for a room by the hour, and is mostly used for sexual purposes – in the neighborhood of Floresta.

Police officials were searching for Licata since Sunday, when his family reported him missing. There was not much progress in the search until the prosecutor in charge connected the investigation yesterday to another case that was being investigated in parallel, about an unidentified man who had been found dead last Saturday and in the hotel.

According to witnesses, Licata entered the room on Saturday with an unidentified woman but two hours later she left the place alone. The hotel concierge told authorities that when he tried to stop her, she escaped. There is no security footage of her or the incident.

The police found that Licata had been tied to a bed with socks and he was wearing a rubber band attached to a piece of wood around his neck. The police has different theories about how he died, the strongest one being that he was choked during a sexual game, Infobae reported.

Police efforts are now focused on finding the woman who was with Licata, as well as his cellphone, considering that his family indicated that he had left the house with it, but was not found at the scene.

Licata’s sister, Mariel, assured on Facebook that at one point someone answered one of the many calls she made to the phone, but did not say anything, and that shortly after she got a text message “asking about a person we don’t know.”

Página 12 reported that Licata, who signed his articles under a pseudonym, had received threats over Facebook and been approached by undercover “agents,” and that “his family feared these events could be related.”

The family is set to hold a press conference today and has also called for a march.