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Tuesday’s General Strike: What Works, What Doesn’t

A complete guide on what to expect tomorrow during the general strike

By | [email protected] | September 24, 2018 11:07am

parogeneralPhoto via CNN

Attention, everyone.

As you probably know by now, Argentines are bracing for a new general strike on September 25th, the fourth one taking place during the Macri administration. The country is expected to become virtually paralyzed as the largest, most influential unions have joined forces in an effort to send a strong message to the national government.

Most people are expected to just go into hiding and wait until the whole thing is over. It’s not like we’re expecting any sort of social unrest, but the truth is that the country will be closed tomorrow so  you better stay home. However, if you are still feeling curious and want to know what works and what doesn’t, here’s a quick reference guide for those of you willing to venture outside.

  • Buses: There will be no buses anywhere in the country. This will also include long distance buses. So if you were thinking of a day trip to Mar del Plata, you better own a car.
  • Subway (AKA “the subte”): Nope. Unlike other organizations, the subway is starting the strike tonight at 8 pm so don’t even try it. It will be closed all day tomorrow.
  • Trains: No trains in the country will operate. Sorry, Mar del Plata will have to wait.
  • Taxis: There will be some taxis on the streets since not all Taxi drivers unions are joining the strike. If you’re desperate to get somewhere, this will probably be your best bet. Uber and Cabify are a good alternative too.
  • Trash collection and postal services: Don’t expect your bags of trash to be collected tomorrow or any post to be delivered. Don’t take out the trash on Tuesday night or the city will smell.
  • ATM’s: Well, the reason why the garbage truck won’t collect your trash is because the teamsters union is joining the strike. Since armored truck drivers belong to the same union, there’s no one available to replenish ATMs on Tuesday. Sorry! Get your cash today or wait until Wednesday.
  • Airports: Hopefully you weren’t planning on taking a flight to Mar del Plata because all domestic and international flights will be grounded for 24 hours. Sorry, you’re trapped here.
  • Ports: No port activity at all, anywhere. Escaping to Uruguay via ferry also won’t work.
  • Public schools and universities: Closed and closed. Some private schools will work but eh, who’s counting.
  • Hospitals: Emergency rooms will be open, fortunately. Ambulance drivers will also be working, but just in case try not to fall and break a leg.
  • Gas stations: Stock up on gas today, because they will all be closed tomorrow. Though you could go to Mar del Plata because you own a car? LOL, better own a gas station too. Otherwise you’re not going anywhere.
  • Police: Of course the police aren’t going on strike. What do you think this is, The Purge? Some court houses will be open too.
  • Stores and businesses: Most large retail supermarkets and grocery stores chains will be closed tomorrow, so ideally you should stock up today. However, fear not because some shops (in theory) should be open. Also, if you really need it, check your friendly neighborhood chino supermarket. It may be open.
  • Bars: Some will be open tomorrow. So if you need to drink your problems away because you couldn’t make it to Mar del Plata, at least you have that option.