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Argentina Coronavirus News Roundup: May 6th

Daily Updates of COVID-19 in Argentina

By | [email protected] | May 6, 2020 10:00pm


Every evening we at The Bubble pick a few stories in the Argentine media related to the coronavirus outbreak and write a quick summary so you have some idea of what’s happened.

New cases registered today: 188

Total number of cases in Argentina: 5208

Total deaths so far: 273

70% of Argentina’s Coronavirus-Related Deaths in Buenos Aires (The Buenos Aires Times)

  • As the death toll in Buenos Aires topped 100 on Tuesday, the province now accounts for almost 70% of all coronavirus-related deaths in Argentina 
  • Officials cite the high population density in the area as causing the increasing case count, which promotes the virus’s rapid community circulation  
  • The data comes as the country now has more than 5,000 confirmed cases, with 134 new cases recorded on Tuesday 

Union Leaders Sign Agreement Over Mercantile Workers Pay (Infobae)

  • On Tuesday night, the Federation of Commerce Employees (FACEYS), led by Armando Cavalieri, officially signed a negotiated agreement regarding the fate of 800,000 mercantile workers in the country during the quarantine
  • According to the agreement, these workers will be suspended for 60 days, receiving 75% of their net salary as their employers reduce operation of their businesses 

Senate to Return on May 13th (The Buenos Aires Times)

  • After recent negotiations with the opposition over the rules for virtual procedure of the Senate, Vice President Christina Fernández de Kirchner announced that the Senate will return to work on May 13th
  • Despite her initial objections, the vice president also confirmed that the Senate would allow some members (15 of 72) to physically return to the chamber for the proceedings — following social distancing guidelines — with the remainder joining through videoconference 

President Fernández Announces Preparation of Protocols to Reopen Economy (La Nación)

  • In an interview with Radio Con Vos on Monday, President Fernández announced that the government is currently preparing protocols to reopen some activities in the economy in the near future
  • However, Fernández also responded to opponents who demand an immediate lifting of the quarantine, arguing that this decision would “kill thousands of Argentines” 

National Government Increases Administration of COVID-19 Tests in “Vulnerable” Neighborhoods (Ministerio de Salud)

  • The national government announced the initiation of expanded testing efforts in high density and “vulnerable” areas of Buenos Aires on Wednesday, installing “mobile hospitals” to test residents of specific neighborhoods in both the city and province
  • The health team travelled to houses within these areas to test individuals who had identified symptoms associated to the virus

Sharp Decline in Tax Revenue in April Due to the Quarantine (The Buenos Aires Times)

  • Figures released by the Argentine government on Tuesday indicates that tax revenue fell by approximately 10 percent in April from the previous month as a result of the national quarantine
  • The statistic highlights the dramatic effects of the quarantine on the national economy, as the government continues debt restructuring talks with its creditors

Devoto Prison Uprising Ends as Government and Inmates Sign Agreement (Infobae)

  • On Wednesday, the national government announced the end of the conflict at Devoto Prison, stemming from concerns over COVID-19 protocols and transmission within the facility 
  • Following days of unrest, government officials, inmates, and prison administrative staff participated in discussions that resulted in an agreement focusing on greater communication between prisoners and officials and the maintenance of high health standards to protect prisoners from contracting COVID-19 — allowing the prison to return to normal operation 

Ministry of Health Continues Calls for Donation of Plasma from Recovered Patients (Ministerio de Salud)

  • In the Ministry of Health’s daily briefing on Wednesday, the coordinator of the Directorate of Blood and Transfunctional Medicine, Daniel Fontana, reiterated calls for recovered COVID-19 patients to donate plasma to aid the recovery of infected patients 
  • The government requires that patients wait at least 14 days after their symptoms have ceased before donating and must receive two negative results from coronavirus tests 
  • However, Fontana also added that despite the national plan to regulate the therapeutic use of plasma of recovered patients of COVID-19, there remains a lack of conclusive scientific evidence to confirm that the administration of plasma from recovered patients does effectively treat the virus

Minister of Transportation Urges Caution with Reintroduction of Public Transportation (Ministerio de Salud)

  • As the government reintroduced public transportation services in certain areas of the country on Tuesday, the Minister of Transportation, Abel De Manuele, stressed the importance of using caution when utilizing these services 
  • De Manuele emphasized that transportation units cannot exceed more than 60% of their stated capacities and should keep windows open when possible, but also called on citizens “to use, if possible, an alternative means to public transport, at least during this exceptional moment that we are living, like a bicycle or a car to avoid concentration and contact with other people”