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Argentina Coronavirus News Roundup: May 21st

Daily Updates of COVID-19 in Argentina

By | [email protected] | May 21, 2020 10:00pm


Every evening we at The Bubble pick a few stories in the Argentine media related to the coronavirus outbreak and write a quick summary so you have some idea of what’s happened.

New cases registered today: 648

Total number of cases in Argentina: 9931

Total deaths so far: 416

Government Distributes 18 Million Educational Booklets for Students (La Nación)

  • Since March, the government has spent more than $406 million on the distribution of educational booklets to maintain academic contact with school-aged children in the country
  • Each booklet covers three weeks worth of content for the 6 million students in Argentina and are released in phases to continue educational processes in quarantine 

As Debt Deadline Approaches, Government Considers Extension (The Buenos Aires Times)

  • As Argentina’s government expects to miss a delayed interest payment of approximately US $500 million of debt on Friday, officials hope to extend the deadline to early June
  • If the country misses the debt payment on Friday without an extension, it would mark the ninth debt default in 200 years

Argentina Expands National Aid in Early Detection (Ministerio de Salud)

  • The Ministry of Health expand on Thursday that the federal government would aid city’s efforts in early detection of the coronavirus
  • In addition to existing efforts in the partidos throughout the Buenos Aires Province, the government will add the districts of San Martín, Merlo, La Matanza, and the city of Santa Fe to its strategy under the “Strategic Testing Device for Coronavirus” national plan 

President Fernández Resumes His Travel to the Interior (Infobae) 

  • After two months of restricting his personal travel to areas of Buenos Aires, President Fernández has resumed his visitation to additional provinces of Santiago del Estero and Tucumán as part of a tour of the interior of the country
  • The president claims his trips are an effort to better understand the situation in various areas of the country to design future policy 

Government in Agreement about Continuation of BA Quarantine Measures  (The Buenos Aires Times)

  • After a meeting on Wednesday with President Fernández, Buenos Aires Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and provincial Governor Axel Kicillof, it was reported that all officials agree that “there is no margin” to loosen any quarantine restrictions in the Buenos Aires metropolitan area
  • The decision comes after a spike in cases over the past few days, with more than 300 new cases recorded in the area on Wednesday alone

Legislators Approve Bills on Distance Education and Prescriptions (Infobae)

  • During the second virtual session of Congress on Thursday, legislators in Argentina approved two bills — one that allows for the continuation of distance education, and another which will regulate tele-medical care and digital prescriptions
  • The education bill modified article 109 of the National Education Law to allow distance education for minors under 18 years old

Ministry of Health Publishes Coronavirus Transmission Statistics (Ministerio de Salud)

  • At the daily briefing on Thursday, the Secretary for Health Access, Carla Vizzotti, announced that of the country’s 9,283 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 10.2% are linked to a history of travel outside the nation, 43.8% to a close contact of a previously confirmed case, and 31.4% through “community transmission”
  • As the rate of “community transmission” continues to grow, the Ministry of Health emphasized that they are working “with municipalities and in neighborhoods with social organizations and churches to develop specific strategies and recommendations in order to minimize transmission”

Carlos Rosales Reaches Agreement with Trade Union to Ensure Jobs (Infobae)

  • After meeting with trade union leader Armando Cavalieri earlier this week, Carlos Rosales confirmed on Thursday that Garbarino, the home appliance company, would guarantee 4,300 jobs and the payment of all wages owned by the company 
  • The agreement comes as Rosales agreed to renegotiate the company’s debt with creditor banks this week