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Argentina Coronavirus News Roundup: May 14th

By | [email protected] | May 14, 2020 10:00pm

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Every evening we at The Bubble pick a few stories in the Argentine media related to the coronavirus outbreak and write a quick summary so you have some idea of what’s happened.

New cases registered today: 255

Total number of cases in Argentina: 7134

Total deaths so far: 353

Surge in Cases in One of Buenos Aires’s Poorest Neighborhoods (The Buenos Aires Times)

  • Government officials expressed concern on Wednesday as the case count in Villa 31, one of the poorest and most densely populated neighborhoods in the Buenos Aires Province, surged to 511 on Tuesday — up from just one at the end of April
  • As many large families in the neighborhood live within close quarters, social distancing remains a difficult request, made more difficult by the large number of residents who have been forced to disregard the government’s quarantine order to earn money for survival 

255 New Contagions as Case Count Passes 7,000 (Infobae) 

  • The Ministry of Health reported on Thursday that the new case count continues to trend upward, with 255 new cases and 24 new deaths registered in 24 hours
  • The cases bring the total amount over 7,000 in the country 

Buenos Aires Government Pays for Undelivered Face Masks (Infobae)

  • On Thursday, it was reported that the government of the city of Buenos Aires had paid more than $170 million pesos for an order of 5 million face masks — of which only 150 thousand were ever delivered
  • The city government reportedly purchased the masks from the company E-ZAY in late March, paying half of the $340 million peso order amount upfront, though never received more than 150 thousand masks 
  • The order was reportedly signed by former Undersecretary of Administration of the Ministry of Health, Nicolás Montovio, who resigned from office in April after purchasing expired N-95 masks 

Government Discusses Protocols to Resume Fútbol (The Buenos Aires Times)

  • On Wednesday, the Health Minister, Ginés González García, told Radio Rivadavia that the Health and Tourism & Sports Ministries have started to work on developing protocols to allow for the resumption of fútbol training in Argentina
  • However, Tourism and Sports Minister Matías Lammens also emphasized that the government was not hurrying the process to avoid unnecessary infection

Mayor of Hurlingham Increases Bank Taxes by 50 Percent (Infobae)

  • Juan Zabaleta, the mayor of Hurlingham, a city in the Buenos Aires Province, signed a decree on Wednesday to increase the municipal tax on banks and financial institutions by 50%
  • Zabaleta argued that “it has always been very good for them” and now, in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, they must aid governmental efforts to boost the economy  

Ministry of Health Releases New Recommendations for Health Personnel (Ministerio de Salud)

  • On Thursday, the Ministry of Health released new recommendations for institutions and for health workers to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus
  • The recommendations focus on the detection of staff with symptoms, regulating entrances for suspected COVID-19 cases, and encouraging further training for all health personnel on COVID-19 care