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Argentina Coronavirus News Roundup: May 12th

Daily Updates of COVID-19 in Argentina

By | [email protected] | May 13, 2020 6:46pm


Every evening we at The Bubble pick a few stories in the Argentine media related to the coronavirus outbreak and write a quick summary so you have some idea of what’s happened.

New cases registered today: 285

Total number of cases in Argentina: 6563

Total deaths so far: 319

Record High Number of New COVID-19 Cases in 24 Hours (La Nación)

  • On Monday, Argentina experienced a record-high number of new coronavirus cases, with 285 in 24 hours
  • Of the new cases, 188 were reported to be within the city of Buenos Aires, and an additional 80 in the surrounding province 

Statistics of the Pandemic in Argentina (The Buenos Aires Times)

  • As the country reaches its 60th day of national quarantine, The Buenos Aires Times released a number of statistics regarding the virus’s impact in Argentina
  • Of the 6,278 current confirmed cases in the country, 863 are health personnel 
  • Argentina’s cases account for only 0.3 percent of all confirmed cases in Latin America
  • 3,892 residents are currently hospitalized from the infection, and 164 in intensive care
  • Thus far, 6,890,393 people have been notified for violating the quarantine, with 76,415 people detained for the action
  • The average age of those with confirmed cases is 41 years old

Education Minister Discusses Future of Argentine Schools (The Buenos Aires Times)

  • On Tuesday, the Education Minister, Nicolás Trotta, announced that “schools could re-open in Argentina under a “dual” online/offline system in August”
  • The dual system would include both in-person teaching and distance learning, with students “ideally” attending school twice or three times per week, though the details have yet to be confirmed 

Chilean Heath System Reaching its Capacity as Cases Surge (La Nación)

  • With 1600 new COVID-19 cases in 24 hours, the health system in Chile is nearing its capacity — with 87% of the nation’s intensive care beds already occupied and 31,721 infections reported
  • The Chilean Minister of Health, Jaime Mañalich, announced on Tuesday that the government is committed to expanding its health care system, calling on members of Congress to pass a bill that would allow foreign doctors to work in health services without taking a “title revalidation exam”

Government Postpones International Travel from Jorge Newbery Airport Until December (The Buenos Aires Times)

  • The Argentine government announced on Tuesday that almost all international flights to and from the Jorge Newbery Airport would be postponed until December 1st
  • The decision permits some flights transporting cargo to continue to operate, though prohibits all international commercial flights from taking place until the month of December  

Argentina to Rejoin Mercosur Trade Talks (The Buenos Aires Times)

  • Though, citing concerns over the coronavirus, the Argentine government announced in April that it would withdraw from Mercosur trade talks, the Foreign Ministry reported on Thursday that it would support negotiations that “jointly advance in the new trade agreements but including the necessary safeguards to protect the productive sector and national employment”

Government Consider Allowing Fútbol Players to Return to Training (Infobae)

  • After a meeting with various government officials on Tuesday, the Ministry of Health agreed to form a committee to prepare protocols to allow various sports professionals — including fútbol players — to return to training in small groups on May 25th
  • Though the protocol has yet to be officially confirmed, the Health Minister, Ginés González García, expressed his hope that the sport would return as soon as it is safe

President Fernández Recommits to Pre-Coronavirus Agenda (La Nación) 

  • At a press conference on Monday, President Fernández discussed the possibility of recommitting to his administration’s agenda that was put on hold to focus on the coronavirus pandemic in March
  • As Congress returns to sessions, these issues would include judicial reform, the legalization of abortion, and the creation of the economic and social council

President Fernández Blames Past BA Governor for Lack of Medical Infrastructure (La Nación)

  • Discussing the limited capacity of hospitals in the Buenos Aires Province on Tuesday, President Fernández cited the failures of the former governor, María Eugenia Vidal, and former President Mauricio Macri’s administration to begin construction on new medical centers during their terms
  • The former secretary of Municipal Affairs of the province of Buenos Aires, Alex Campbell, responded to the claims following the conference, arguing that the administration had to focus on repairing existing hospitals, rather than building new ones