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Following Abortion Bill Defeat, ‘Pro-Life’ Camp Launches Political Party

The party bases itself solely on the goal of preventing abortions.

By | [email protected] | August 29, 2018 10:36am

2756929w1033Celeste Party

After Argentina’s recent abortion debate— in which a bill that would have legalized abortion in the country was passed in Congress but ultimately defeated in the Senate— a group of politicians have launched the “Celeste Party”. Named after the light blue handkerchiefs that symbolize the “anti” side of the debate, the Celeste Party is the first political force in Argentina that strictly defines itself solely by the fact that it is against legal abortion.

“Being an initiative promoted by the leaders of the Foundation for Life, which brings together various groups belonging to the pro-life camp— both in Buenos Aires and in different provinces of the interior— the Celeste Party is presented as the first political alternative to promote the defense of the two lives from the parliament, legislatures, and deliberative councils,” members of the new political party stated.

The slogan of “saving both lives” remains a popular catchphrase used by the anti legal abortion camp, in spite of the fact that studies by Argentina’s Ministry of Health have shown that keeping the practice illegal does not decrease rates of abortion. Meanwhile, clandestine abortions remain the number one cause for death of pregnant women in Argentina.

The founders of the party have described themselves as a federal, non-denominational party, “with the novelty of adopting a criterion of direct representation of citizens on all issues that encompass the defense of life from conception until natural death.”

“The party arises to meet the demand of a base that seeks representation from a parliamentary party that promotes the defense of human life,” stated Raul Magnasco, president of the Foundation for Life and founder of the Celeste Party.

Raúl Magnasco, president of the Foundation for Life, via Todo Noticias

“There are already nine districts in which our party has a presence, which means we will be a national force that will be able to count on the most valuable thing one can have in politics—the support of great silent majorities,” Magnasco added. “We cannot ask for honesty from our leaders if they do not have enough honesty to defend life.”

Ayelén Alancay, Vice President of the Foundation for Life and co-founder of the Celeste Party, concluded: “So far, the pro-life side is very active in the social work of helping and containing mothers, but this will be the first time that we will assume an active role in politics to commit ourselves to the promotion of human rights in a firm manner.”