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Around the World, All Eyes Are on Argentina’s Abortion Debate

A glimpse at the international impact of today's historic Senate vote.

By | [email protected] | August 8, 2018 5:37pm

Abortion protester outside of Congress (Photo via Silvina Colombo)Abortion protester outside of Congress (Photo via Silvina Colombo)

It’s difficult for a Tweet to sum up the complexity of the world we live in nowadays. But the one below might just come as close to doing it as any other:

That’s right, as of 10:45 AM today, pro-choice hashtag #EsHoy was number two on Twitter’s Global Trending Topics, behind only #InternationalCatDay. Hopefully, there will come a time in which abortion will beat out kittens in Internet popularity (I hope). But for today at least, let’s consider this a victory for the legalization camp on the day the bill is being debated in the Senate.

The past several weeks have seen an uproar of support all over the world with “pañuelazos” taking place in several countries.

Below are just some of the most famous people and media outlets that have, like many others, their eyes set on Argentina this Wednesday, August 8th.

Amnesty International and The New York Times

Amnesty International made perhaps the biggest splash thanks to its advert on the back cover of the international edition of The New York Times, arguably of the most influential newspapers in the world. In a statement through its official page, Erika Guevara-Rosas, Amnesty’s Director of the Americas stated: “We want to send a message to Argentina’s Senators that the world is watching to see whether they will do right by women and end the grave suffering caused by criminalizing abortion.”

Amnesty International’s ad on the back cover of The New York Times (Photo via Amnesty International)


MTV Argentina

Susan Sarandon, actor

Anjelica Huston, actor

Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid’s Tale

Gael García Bernal, actor

Garbage, rock band

Felicity Huffman, actor

Francesc Orella, actor from Netflix Series Merli

Kathleen Hanna, artist and member of Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, and The Julie Ruin

Amanda Palmer, author