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So Long, ArBus! The Airport Shuttle Service Has Been Discontinued

By | [email protected] | February 14, 2018 4:26pm


The government has shuttered the ArBus shuttle between Aeroparque and Ezeiza airports, grounding a service that first began operating in 2014.

The Noticias Argentinas wire service has reported that following protests by ArBus workers, the Ministry of Transportation has confirmed that the last shuttle service between Buenos Aires’ two major airports had already taken place.

The Transportation Ministry indicated that the service ran an annual deficit of 20 million pesos, indicating that as the reason for its closure. Intercargo, a public company that offers logistics services for airlines, operated the service.

Cronista has reported that sources in the Transportation Ministry have indicated that of the 34 ArBus employees, 11 have been reassigned to other positions within Intercargo while the other 23 will find work with other transportation companies.

The financial newspaper has also reported that, on average, seven seats on the 35-seat bus were sold, equivalent to 20 percent, and that the Transport Ministry estimated that a total of three percent of all passengers used a bus to travel to the airports. Passengers on ArBus amounted to a quarter of that 3 percent.

ArBus shuttles connected Aeroparque with four major points in the City of Buenos Aires: Puente Saavedra, Pacífico, Retiro and Downtown BA as well as offering connections for travelers making the roughly 40 kilometer trip between Ezeiza and Aeroparque for low prices. Tienda León, a private company, offers transfers between the two airports for 275 pesos.


Despite speculation that the ArBus service might be extended to El Palomar, and the success of other cost-cutting measures, the service operated by Intercargo has been discontinued.

Access to El Palomar by cab can be more expensive than tickets for the low-cost flights that depart from there.