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For Real Now: An Apple Store May Finally Be Opening in Buenos Aires

By | [email protected] | January 5, 2016 12:41pm


You may recall that last year we pranked all of you and made you believe that an Apple store was going to open in Buenos Aires. It was a cruel, inhumane joke that, as many (many) of you eloquently pointed out via threatening emails, should have been avoided at all cost because “you don’t play with people’s feelings like that.”

But it looks like the mourning process may be coming to an end, since according to several sources in the US, Apple is indeed planning to open an Apple store in Buenos Aires soon.

Yup. You read that right.

According to Apple Insider, Apple is “preparing an aggressive brick-and-mortar retail expansion into Latin America that will see new Apple Stores open across Mexico and eventually South America.”

The expansion plans will begin in Mexico and the company is later expected to increase its presence in South America, with new retail stores in Argentina, Peru and Chile. Right now, the only two Apple Stores in the continent are located in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

According to a tipster who spoke to MacRumors, stores in Argentina, Chile and Peru will “allegedly work closely with the stores in Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America, likely including the company’s two existing Brazil stores.”

While this information remains mostly unverified, a photo claiming to show that Apple is hiring in Mexico until January 18 has gone viral.

Image via MacRumors

Image via MacRumors

According to MacRumors, Apple is planning two massive stores in Mexico City, with one of them serving as one of 25 “global flagship” stores that Apple will have around the world.

So there you have it. Happy belated Christmas. You can now stop hating us.